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CC Ashwell road racing 2020 is go!

This Saturday saw me, Dave and Mitchy kickstart 2020 road racing for Ashwell down at the Lee Valley Velopark in the Masters crit there (Well Mitchy is 2nd claim Ashwell anyway). Lots of fun and we did all right. Dave did well to put the Ashwell name out there with two solo break attempts. Mitchy got 3rd place. More details in my race report here:

There are plenty of crit races over winter. If anyone fancies one, let us know. If anyone is looking for their first race and wants a bit of encouragement, I will happily play a domestique role in one of the fortnightly Cat 2/3/4 crits at the Velopark. I’d work my socks off to get you back in the bunch if you were dropping out! You’ll need a full racing licence for those. No day licences allowed.

While I’m here... we are all booked in for the Tour of Malta. Why not join us? The very basics: 6 nights in Malta. Flying out 31st March. Come along for the lols and training camp miles. And/Or join the race. Stage 1 is Thursday 2 April. Seniors, Masters, Ladies, Juniors GC races are on offer. Stage 1 is a short TT. Then two road races and the fun-est crit you will ever race. It really is a friendly race and the Maltese will do anything to help. Get in touch for more details.

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