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Ike Saul road race, Sun 15 March 2020

Hi all

I've entered this race - no guarantee of getting a place - but as it's an ERRL race, CCA get first dibs on places.
It's probably our closest road race to Ashwell. I've entered as training for Tour of Malta. My goal is to finish in the bunch. It would be great to have a few team mates around to share the effort with. Note: this is great training for our Primavera road race the following month.

Enter here:

Also... this Saturday 18th afternoon, maybe you fancy the 45 minutes Masters (40+) crit down at Stratford, or the following all-ages, Senior crit race after, 2pm? I've entered both with the intention of simply trying to hold on for the Seniors race.

You can enter on the day. You will need a full licence. Not got one yet? BC should be able to send you a temporary PDF version by email, if you join and then enquire.


  • Hi Martin,
    I'm hoping to get back into racing this year. With this being a 2/3/4 race it might be a bit too much for me so early in the season.
    I'm hoping to do the Beds Roads reliability rides as good prep, along with the BC Easter race series over at Milton Keynes.
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