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Zwift - Tuesday Virtual Club Ride

Ok, I will be organising a weekly virtual club ride starting Tuesday 28th Feb.

I will send an invite to all CCA members via Zwift, so if you are interested in joining, please follow me through the Zwift App (Matt Scales CCA) and don't forget to add CCA after your username so I know who to invite.

I will send an invite to the entire club, please accept or decline as appropriate. If you would rather not receive these invites, please let me know... Don't want to spam you!

The ride will be around an hour long and I will opt to keep the group together. This means that you can put more effort in if you want, you just won't be able to get away!

I propose that we aim for 2.5 - 2.7 w/kg and see how we get on. Can push it a bit if feeling punchy.

See you on screen. Ride On!


  • Sounds good. What time were you thinking for the start?
  • Don't forget to follow me on Zwift so I can invite you.
  • Tomorrow is the first TVR (Tuesday Virtual Ride)

    Invite is out to the CCA riders following me on Zwift... Check your Zwift Companion app. Currently 4 riding...

    To join, accept the invite. If no invite, follow me and I'll send.

    Ride on!
  • 5 now Matt - just accepted ;-)

  • Hi Matt, I didn’t reply to the invite and now I don’t see it in the companion app. May need to send it again.
  • FYI - Whilst it may look like me later - it will actually be David!
  • Don’t worry Matt, found it.
  • Zwift doping Emma. You'll be getting Chris Froome round your house next!!
  • Thanks Matt, great VTR!
  • It worked! Great ride. Took the jump on the sprint, held off Graham but succumbed to Matt P.

    Nice route actually, varied terrain. Finished the hour with av 220w so a quicker the budgeted 3w/kg. Bonus being nobody can get dropped. Dave even did is own workout whilst in the elastic band of truth!!

    See u next week.
  • Spot on Matt and good fun as something extra to focus on!
    I liked the route too. A scenic beach ending!

  • Hi. I need to finish earlier this week so will be riding the ZHR Masters race instead. Enjoy!
  • Speak later Matt S.
    Will log on 5mins or so before.

  • edited February 4
    5 out around Central Park tonight, MC, Chris P Steve F, Paul H and Me ... A lumpy course amongst the skyscrapers!!

    Legs still carried the burden of Sunday combined with Monday night Rollers! Ouch!

    Chris beat us all up in the final sprint to the line... Good fun. 1 hr @ 3w/kg.
  • Nice sprinting Chris!

  • @mattss
    Back on again tonight @ 8:00pm Matt?

  • Tuesday Virtual ride, London Loop, Surrey hills. Ride On! 2.8 - 3 w/kg. Come along and do your own thing.. the elastic band is on so nobody gets dropped.
  • 3 out, Graham, Paul and myself. Steve and Taff also met us en route, with Steve skillfully staying with us (and beating us up Leith hill!), despite being outside the elastic band.

    Fast pace, averaging 3w/kg over the 59 minutes.
  • Well done guys - trains messed up coming out of london late :-(
    I'll do my single chain gang tonight!

  • Is this on tonight? :)
  • Yep, invite sent out. 1 hour of Watopia Figure 8
  • Unless I make a miraculous recovery from the man flu tonight, I won't be able to make it.
  • have accepted, see you there :-)
  • Im seeing the back of man flu but will start tonight.
    If I die you guys know - but I am going for it.

  • me too, re: man flu but only have 10 days til the Argus so neeeed to catch up!
  • Sorry, can't do tonight, but back next week- and tech is now fixed..!
  • ok... so here's a thing... for those of you who know me, know that I am not the greatest navigator... some may argue that a paper bag may cause me problems... well it seems I have reached new heights in my poor navigational skills... @phil k you are gonna love this... I was on time... even said halloooo to Matt... then somehow, not even 1K in managed to either take a wrong turn or do something wrong and managed to lose the group in cyber land??? how the hell does one do that?


    same time next week?
  • We lost u Skelders, one minute you're there then you're gone!!! Don't know what happened, think there were glitches, although Steve and I stayed together. 1 hr @ 2.9w/kg
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