CCA Hill Climb Champs Sunday 4 October 9.30am ///// CC Ashwell CX... next race in October

Sunday 9th Feb - 9am Zwift Ride

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Watopia Pretzel, including up to the Radio Station so be prepared for some altitude.

74km all in... Aim for about 2.5w/kg

No need to stop for coffee and cake, take it in the garage with you!!

Ride On!


  • For those wanting the join, make sure to add CCA at the end of your Zwift name AND follow me on Zwift so I can send you an invite.
  • I told you it would end up like Japanese sex robots! 😀
  • 3 out, MC, Steve and me. Epic morning of climbing sore us heading straight for radio tower at 500m. After 2 hours we found ourselves heading back up the mountain, at which point MC opted for a coffee and shower over cresting the summit!!... Wise choice!

    Steve and I stayed on with the last few km creeping by at a snails pace! 74km in 2 hours 50, 1360m and 2.74w/kg
  • MCMC
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    NIce one Matt - 2 hours in was perfect. Plus being in the living room was causing SUnday morning "emotion" with the rest of the family. I think they are getting bored with that ZWIFT music lol!

    I did 50k so mission accomplished and the target of 100km for the week achieved.

  • PS I put up a ZWIFT page on the website. ;-)
    Some words that have been shared to get folks up and running...

  • I tried to join for the second bit after my race, but it appears that Zwift meetups doesn't allow late joining annoyingly. I'm sure it will at some point. I could have ridden out to you but there was no obvious way of pin pointing your position.
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