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St Neots Reliability Ride - Sunday 23rd Feb

First riders off from Titan HQ PE19 6TA at 09:00, sign on from 0830. £5 entry on the day. Car Parking and hot drinks and food available post ride. Course details and other info on website


  • Simon... good to see you at the first Beds Road reliability ride.

    I'm interested in the St Neots one - as it's dead near, goes through Ashwell, and it looks like this Sunday's Beds Road CC reliability ride will be tricky if this weekend is hit by Storm Dennis as predicted.

    Is there a route online? Can't find one anywhere. Cheers!
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    it should be on the website; I'll bang the IT Pixies heads' together if not.......

    EDIT - I'm told the closure of Barford Road means routes under review; will let you know asap
  • I'll be heading to this as it's always good fun, will hopefully see some of you guys there
  • Will aim to do this instead of the BRCC as that is now morning after awards night
  • I'll get any amended route info passed on asap; as it stands there are a couple of closed roads on the route......
  • Looking at Weather, will probably not ride
  • Weather looking good for a gritty ride. I'm in. But may have to go a tad steady as first road ride in ages post cross season.
    A douche of rain 2/3 of way round at 8 degrees is fine...
    Nothing assist cannot handle.
  • Turn zwift off.
    It's delusional.
    Only one life. Get out and live it.
  • Don't be scared of the watts Vince!... Glad I'm not riding in this wind, but big chapeau if you did.
  • Watts definitely down in reality as experienced today. Here,s my roundup.

    Blistering start. 21mph into a very strong cross wind.about 12 st Neots lads and a talent from Northampton who is destined to be a first cat in no time. Me and Martin Lawless made up the lead group.

    The moves came heading into Northfields around 20 miles in and Northampton lad (an ex runner new to cycling) was forging ahead. Martin jumped and dug deep to relink with the lead group. I decided enough was enough and ended up in no mans land behind a small second group.

    Into ashwell and I pulled a cheeky short cut to get ahead at Steeple.

    Was well away and able to cruise a bit. Heart rate still near my max at 160.

    Northampton chap ( all the same signs as Ash Cox) stormed past me like a real pro between bassingbourn and wendy. Then Martin Laweless with the cream of st Neots caught up with me on the narrow lane between Wendy and Croydon hill, just before the head wind to Croydon Hill.
    That was a blessing.

    Croydon hill and BOOM they were gone.

    Back to solo riding.

    Sat nav didn't load so was riding blind but knew my way to Bourne. At the crossroad before bourne (longstowe) I stopped to check the map. Two guys doing the short route came by and that was it. Latched on and tried to help with turns but they did the bulk of the work.

    Very strong head winds by back to base. Never saw the second group so we were keeping an ok pace.

    A good first decent road ride for the year.

    Hey next time storm Cinderella or zero turns up, if the wind is 25mph with gusts of 40 and some rain, just come out. I think we are getting bamboozeled by media and news. A bit of wind makes riding spicy. Echelons and positioning were a factor today.

    Needless to say Martin smashed it and kept his powder dry, riding comfortably.

    St Neots did a wonderful job. Definitely one for next year.
    Great club and great to support their ride.
    Also top grub with soup and lovely catering support from family members at st Neots I guess.

    Knackered legs.

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the Cca get together next weekend.
    It will be a great night.

  • Nice summary Vince and well done for braving it.
  • Cheers. Chris Potter rode too but not sure how he got on. He left a bit later than us.
  • I had a good time thanks Vince! Legs were pretty empty after a busy (but rest) day yesterday. Rolled in after around 3:50 i think, was nice to chat briefly with you and Martin before the roll out. Was a bit underfuelled as well so the soup and bread afterwards was much appreciated. Could have been worse with the rain! Super strong from you guys to get round at that pace!
  • Good work Vince and Martin. I had planned to make it out with you today but proper man flu has messed me up for over a week now.
  • Taff, get better for Saturday social. Sorry to hear you are down with cold.
    Chris, hey I was preoccupied with my sat nav so didn't get a chance to chat properly.
    It was quite an outing in that wind.
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