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Update on Covid-19 and club activities. British cycling update 25 March 2020

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British cycling have now suspended all sanctioned cycling activity until 30 June 2020. Please see below for their latest guidance and advice if you are cycling as your 1 a day permitted activity!

''Important information on club rides

Since confirming the suspension of all sanctioned cycling activity had been extended until 30 June a few days ago, many of you have reached out to share your concerns, as well as best practice, messages of hope and encouragement.

It has been heartening to see so many of you from our club network behave responsibly, but we must reiterate – we need to come together to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone on a bike and those around us.

That means all organised club activity must stop – from group rides to coaching sessions, training and events. These are exceptional times, but it also means that whenever we go out on our bikes, we must remember our duty to ride responsibly. Following Government advice on social distancing, right now we should only ride on our own, or with people we live with, keeping two metres apart from anyone we meet, and stopping and waiting for people to pass when necessary.

Riding a bike is a great way to aid your physical and mental health, and provided that guidance on social distancing is followed, we urge all cyclists to only ride on routes you know well, that are close to home and that are well within your ability level - this is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself.

Now, more than ever, we must ride our bikes responsibly. We're doing this to protect ourselves and others, and to make it safe for everyone to ride.''

Dear CCA members,

As I am sure you are aware, the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, and based on the latest advice from the Government and subsequent guidance from British Cycling on organised rides, the Committee have taken the difficult decision to implement the following measures:

- The 3 cafes ride Fri 20th March is cancelled
- The Hardriders TT Sunday March 22nd is cancelled
- The Primavera scheduled for April 5th is cancelled
- With immediate effect, there will be no on or off- road organised club rides inc tootle (Weds, Fri, Sat and Sun) at least until April
30th. We will then issue revised guidance around these.
- Current CTT advice is that all CTT type A (open) and B (club) events are suspended upto and including 31st May
2020. The Committee will keep on top of advice given and look to communicate at a later date about what this
means for our Weds evening league beyond May.

CCA Zwift rides WILL BE running regularly each week – check the forum for details and please ensure that you are a paid up club member before participating in these.

All of the above measures will be under constant review by the Committee and we will endeavour to update you during this uncertain time but I hope that you can see and understand the reasoning and we thank you for your support through this unprecedented time.

Where possible, all are encouraged to maintain their own personal fitness and continue to keep active. British Cycling currently states that you can still go out on your bike while following government guidelines and latest advice with regards to hygiene and social distancing.

Please remember that our Forum is a great way to keep in touch with club mates and to keep the cycling talk going. Our website has a database of rides that you may wish to do solo and feel free to write your reports up on the forum.

We are a community and I’m sure all of us would like to support each other as much as possible during these challenging times. If you are having to self-isolate but need support in delivering food or you need to talk to someone because you are finding isolation mentally tough, please do post or reach out to any of us and we can all help support each other.

Please stay safe and healthy.


CCA chair on behalf of the CCA committee
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