CCA Hill Climb Champs Sunday 4 October 9.30am ///// CC Ashwell CX... next race in October

Sun virtual club run

Are there any plans for a virtual club run tomorrow?


  • Tour of Watopia Stage 1 group ride... 53k @ 9am? Or can set up a CCA meetup?..
  • Sounds good to me Matt
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    I've entered ToW at 9am. Cat A for longer ride.

    If there is a few of us, let's hang back at the start and try to ride together.
  • See you there Matt
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    Dan, Nick and me on the 9am Tour of Watopia ride.... Hanging back and riding out of the bunch really works for club riders in a big event. Dan and I managed all 50+ km riding together with a 700+W sprint finish...
  • I'm sure Dan has more grey hair than this...

  • Great riding! Nomads had a group of 12 out on a group ride this morning on the Richmond UCI Worlds Course for 1hour with the option of going on as a free ride. It was spiced up by some of our faster riders sprinting for the KOMs - which helpfully dragged us all on. It worked well. Hopefully a few of us will be doing the BC Race on Tues & The TT on Thurs. Although I do have some unfinished business with a certain German rider in the Masters on Tuesday...... hmm decisions.
  • Sorry guys didn’t get on it to organise things this week - decorating the living room!

  • I'm gonna enter Haute Route Stage 3.. 73km... 1300m climbing... 8am
  • Snap see you there - was just going to post the same...
    This looks like a good ride and route !


  • OK see I ended up doing the Tour De Watopia. Circa 2h 40mins.
    Actually a tough one... wasn't expecting that but it was probably as good training as you are going to get without going out on the bike.
    I had music playing too so tunes and Zwift world took the time away.
    After the second big climb the ride all got a bit tasty down to the beach front.

    Next stop virtual group ride - Tuesday ladies and gents. / Chain gang work.

  • MC... There is a number of us doing the BC Race series on Tuesday... You can always run a group ride as well?...
  • Going to ride the 9am Trek Segafedo ride on Sunday (and bag a new Madone in the process!). Thinking about a CCA group ride on Monday too... Maybe 1hr or 1:30
  • Cool - I’m in too - c u at 9 Matt!

  • Signed up for the 100k sportive at 9. Not sure if I'll do it all, will do 2 hrs at least.
  • Zwift double header - I'm in
  • I saw that @ 9.
    I think it was the KISS event - snap, 100k might be too much - 2 hours may well be my load.
    See you there!... in virtual land.

  • Discord link for chat
  • Dave Hadsley, Dan, MC and myself in the 100k sportive this morning. Took us a while to group but once realised MC was on a TT bike and couldn't draft, we were ok. Chatting on Discord makes it really engaging and the time absolutely flies, the first 45mins went by in a blink. Dave left us after an hour. MC and Dan rode with me for 2 hours (70km) where we had clawed ourselves up to 245th from dropping back to 480th to collect MC. I carried on til the bitter end and picked up a few quicker groups to take me to 172nd at 100km.

    A fun club ride given the circumstances.
  • Good effort Matt, you flew through that last 20miles
  • Good effort Matt. My first virtual club run and with the Discord app it is really engaging. Great that you can jump in and leave whenever you want.
  • Nice one Matt on the position.
    Really good that you stayed on for the next hour or so...

    Next time I go over an hour in Zwift land and do the longer rides I must remember to take fuel and extra drink to the pain cave... like you would on a normal longer ride!

  • Hot cross buns MC
  • ...yes defo food to bring with me next time!

  • I have sent out an invite for a Virtual Club Run, 9:05 Sunday. 70km course, Watopia Foot Hills, not too much climbing.

    Let's try a proper club run, no elastic band, all inclusive club run pace. Those stronger can drop back to help any that fall off. Many of us have successfully kept together over a couple of hours before, much easier with discord chat also. Download the app and plug your headphones in... Link here...
  • 6 out (or in) this morning, Steve M, Richard P, Dan H, Dave H, MC and myself. Some technical difficulties with Dave's laptop meant we didn't ride off together at the start so immediately split, with Steve and Richard ahead, and 4 behind... One of the benefits of tuning into discord meant we could communicate quicker to the group.

    Either way, a great ride with some very amusing chat... Never to mentioned in the real world!!!

    70k, 2:15 ish.
  • Thanks Matt, really enjoyed that.
  • Thanks Matt, loved the chat. Just been for a long walk so pretty tired now.
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