Cycling helps keep you healthy

Don’t fancy Zwift?

If Zwift is not your thing but your on the trainer there is an App called Rouvy which gives video footage of many famous climbs and virtual racing or just training.

It’s free at the moment.


  • Cheers Martin, good to some alternative turbo training material. Weathers looking better for the next 10 days, so some enjoyable solo outdoor rides to look forward to @2m!
  • Only done one ride on this platform, but it was the gorge climb near to Bedoin which I have ridden. The video footage was good and you can see any others on the climb if you want to chase them or hold them off.
  • I'm a big fan of sufferfest personally. I enjoy acting as if I'm racing alongside the pros in the videos, the motivational text in the videos and the music is good to.

    Plus the yoga and strength parts of the app are good.

    The fitness test in it is something else, makes an ftp test look like a walk in the park.

    There's codes around if you want to try it for 45 days for free.
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