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Solo Saturday's

Hi all,

Hope your keeping well?

Loverly sunny morning for a ride so I decided to head out for a 90km loop via Hexton hill and Codicote taking advantage of the building southerly breeze on the return leg.

Lots of solo riders out, only saw one group of three. Missing riding with fellow CCA'ers though and open cafes.

It would be great to hear what others are up to.


  • Zwifting currently Martin - I've started doing some racing and TT's.
    I think Chris P said a few words about the TT being tough - he's right!
    I did the Bolognia circuit with the big climb at the end and that was as tough as old boots. (even though it was only 8.2k!).

  • grafham and back for me today...lots of cyclists out.....whilst I enjoyed my bacon sandwich for my breakfast, I must admit that it didn't taste quite the same having not pedalled 40 miles to get it and not having to worry about hanging on to yours or MC's wheel on the way home.....stay safe all....
  • Indeed - looking forward to get group riding back up and running over the best time of year...

  • Had a late start yesterday, waiting for the sun to burn away the clouds, then headed out for loop of Essex and Cambs. Not many cyclists, but saw a ✈️!! Cool air temp, but warm 🌞, getting the last rays and arriving home with 146km in the bag and 1150m.
  • I did the Hexton hill Lilly bottom whitwell codicote watton walkern loop - lovely bit of sunshine and a tail wind home...especially out of red hill....where of course I won the sprint to the sign at slip end....lots of people on bikes...61miles 2750ft climbed....18.4avg...
  • Solo Sunday for me: shameless copy of Dave and Jenny's Saturday route: Out from Royston through Fowlmere, over to Fulbourn and Gt Wilbraham then into Suffolk, ending up in Clare before coming back home via Radwinter. Had a bagel as my brunch stop (without stopping) Lovely morning for it, should have worn sun cream! 77mi at 18.5. Would really recommend the roads used, take a look at my Strava or i can send if interested
  • Been lucky enough to get out weekdays for loops into Suffolk toward Newmarket but on less busy lanes. Found the roads a fair bit busier on the weekends so have signed up for Road Grand Tours which is free. As a bonus all premium features are free at the moment. Cycled most of the way up Mont Ventoux and the Stelvio on Sat and Sunday. The graphics seem better than Zwift IMO but it lacks some of the content - but then it is free.
  • Usual 100km loop for me today, knocked 5 minutes of my best time and averaged 29km/h. Saw one CCA rider but didn't spot who it was, and I wasn't in club kit.

    Good ride, not very warm and literally a few spots of rain but good to get out the house.
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    No solo Saturday this weekend, had to finish painting the kitchen. Solo Sunday instead, weather not so nice so decided to ride the Tour of the Cornfields route. The tracks are in good condition and weren’t too muddy. Had to cut it short to get back before the shops shut, but had 80km on the clock when I got back.

    Tim, sorry I did not recognise it was you until I had passed, was concentrating on the descent.
  • Weekend was on RGT again. Seems to be working well for us now. Pienza and Cap Formentor. Graphics much better when on a lower setting. Signed up for an RTTC organised TT which was half lap of the National 25 course at Newmarket so a local one. It was at an odd time and I had already ridden in the morning so just did it to see the format. Seems easy enough to do but it was a mass start and everybody batted of at huge speed so quickly found myself in last place. Would probably try another though as always the motivation to work harder when others are around is a good thing.
  • A classic 0800 Saturday route today, out to Harold Country park. The cafe is closed though so I sat by the lake and had a energy bar. Not the same as a bacon roll and coffee though.

    It was cooler out than anticipated and I could have done with arm warmers, so it was one of those rides where you have to keep the pressure on to keep warm.

    Quite a few riders out.

    I saw that Chicksands bike park was open on the way past. The car park was 3/4’s full at 0930.
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    I also did the Harold + Odell (....Saturday 8am classic)...started a bit later than you...loved the hill down to houghton conquest (....bit of a ‘race’ with someone on a lurvely specialised tarmac) (but not the hill into cranfield so much)...and of course the super speedy bit between millbrook and marston....and a tail wind home...61miles
  • I've seen you a couple of times of late, Phil. Good to see you dieselling away. Yesterday I also saw Taff, Graham, JMac (I think). On Friday I saw Alistair, Vince. Saw Brendan the other week, Mat P in Tadlow, Iain, Archie F, Lindsay F. I'm collecting CCA riders like a FIFA football sticker book. I've got a swap on Taff and a double-swap on Foulkesy, as I've seen them a few times. Will swap either for a gold CCA emblem sticker and three fizz-bombs.
  • Group rides sadly still not permitted for the time being, but at least the weather is being kind to us. Winds forecast tomorrow NE, E so probably a good time to head out to the fenland city of Ely.

    Previous Saturday route below for interest. Cafes not likely to be open, but there are plenty of village shops if you need supplies en-route.

    Don’t forget the sun cream.
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