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Zwift - Easter Monday 9am

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Invite sent out for 9am Springtime ride around Central Park! 35km, the biggest NY ride. Probably an hour ish.

If anyone fancies chatting, I'll try and sort out a channel to add an extra social element... Bring your coffee with you!...

If anyone wants to join but not following me on Zwift, if you follow me I'll add to the invite.


  • Not sure about Monday, need to save something for the race.
  • Lol, you can go round at 50w Dan, still won't drop u!
  • I have set u a Discord server to chat (mattscalescca). Those that want to join in, go to and create an account. Then let me know here and i'll send you the server link..

    Still a bit new to it so not sure how best to get a community set up!
  • Hi Matt, I've signed up for this ride, and discord as well (although never tried it before): timallen#9667.
  • And a suggestion - is it worth all using the same jersey? Makes it a lot easier to see the group...
  • Hi Matt - Archie would like to join please - Ill get him to follow you, he's A Bracewell CCA
  • Hi Sal, we kept seeing Archie but don't think he accepted the invite on the app, as he wasn't in the group?...
  • First virtual club ride WITH CHAT!!!!! Worked really well. Steve, Lillie, Dan, Matt P, Tim and myself, with everyone except Steve F chatting on the Discord App... Get on it next time Steve.

    Must say worked really well and made the time fly by. Thanks all... Sorry again for the 500+ metres!!!
  • Cheers Matt, looking forward to the next one
  • That was very worthwhile thanks Matt! Really enjoyed it, it’s nice to be alone but not alone. Discord worked well, A lot of heavy breathing
  • Thanks Matt, that worked well. Think I need to get better headphones as was difficult to hear everything. The time did indeed go quickly.
  • I'm checking out the discord app Matt - good spot ;-)

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