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Zwift Saturday 18th @ 9am: The Mega Pretzel

All, i'm looking to collect all the route badges so going to give "The Mega Pretzel" on Zwift a go. Its a big route at about 100k so feel free to join for some or all of it. Steady pace with "keep group together" on so you dont even have to keep up the wattage output of the front. I'll create a meetup and invite anyone who'd like to come


  • Chris, will try and make it, are you opening up a discord channel? It worked well with Matt's group ride
  • I do indeed..have created a server
  • How would I join this, very new to Zwift.
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    Do you follow me on Zwift? If not search Chris Potter (CCA) and give me a follow. Then i can invite you..then just join the event just before 9 and ride along :)
  • Lil and I did this last weekend... Over four hours but to be fair it didn’t feel that long and was great fun. Had the bikes outside on the turbo. I drank and ate A LOT! Theoretically I could be persuaded to do the Uber Pretzel loop another time or maybe a longer flatter route in a CCA group?
  • The PRL Full another time?
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