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CCXL cancelled for this year

Just read on FB that Central League will not be happening this year. Probably a good call given the amount of organising that goes into these things. There could still be some club racing but no league.

Wonder what eastern will do? If it goes ahead will be hugely over subscribed.


  • The ECXL has been contacting the race organisers over the last couple of days to start planning in the dates for the Eastern League and we have all agreed a draft schedule for 2020/21 season. The idea is that the planning should be in place to enable racing if the lockdown is eased sufficiently but we are to remain open to change. So the current plan, albeit flexible, is that the season will start 13 Sept and run through to January as normal. Our CCA event would be 18 October.


    - Everybody recognises that it is possible (IMO probable) that without a vaccine in place, the lockdown will not be eased sufficiently by then.....we will have to see.
    - We will only be able to stage the races if the hosting venue (in our case the School) permit us to use the facility. It's too early to ask that question right now.

    One option being considered is to start and end the season later, perhaps running into Feb/ Mar.

    Time will tell I guess.
  • Thanks for the update Pete.
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