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Sat Virtual Club Ride

Zwift invite sent out for a 9:05 ride on Saturday. Epic climbing which finishes up the Alpe du Zwift (d'Huez).

For those not ridden it before or haven't unlocked yet, a good opportunity to try it out and as the mystical elastic band is on, you can't get dropped.

Chat as normal on Discord

All welcome. For those without an invite wanting to ride, follow me on Zwift and will add you.


  • Before I get any stick for the amount of climbing... 1600m!!

  • Did this one the other day..great route - enjoy!
  • Same kit? How about the World Social Riders kit?...

    In the game hit P on keyboard and enter code: GOWSR
  • Thanks Matt, tough going this week, good to get some virtual climbing in.
  • Yep that is a tough one, climbing d'Heuz after 1.5 hrs. I was drained when got off bike. Flattish next week...
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