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2nd edition CCA newsletter - articles please

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping well, not going stir crazy and managing to get a few solo miles in. Following on from the first newsletter that I put together back in Feb I was aiming for the next one to be around June and then again around Sept/Oct.

With a lot of events cancelled there will be little news as such but would like to try and publish something. I am thinking that this may be a good time to feature some member biogs - how people got into cycling, what they enjoy most, any goals for this year and next, what they like about being part of the club and a photo or two. Does anyone with some spare time at the moment (or looking for a working from home distraction) want to write a small piece about themselves? Would be good to get a male, female, beginner/new member, youth, vet perspective - doesn’t need to be anyone who competes, just want to showcase some members.

Any other content - perhaps some could put a piece together on the club Zwift events that have been happening during lockdown?

Please post on here if you can help and email any content to by 8th June.



  • Thanks Emma and good idea!

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