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Zwift - Alpe du Zwift Club Special

Next Sunday 7th June, we are running a Zwift - Alpe du Zwift Special Stage. Club riders head to head up the gruelling 1000m d'Heuz simulation.

We cannot organise a meet-up ride, so all riders wanting to enter should choose to ride solo, selecting Watopia and Road to the Sky from their route options on the menu screen.

Competing riders are to gather at the start of the route at 9am, ready to roll off at 9:05. We will ride steadily together over the first 5km as a group before entering the climb. Upon passing the banner, all riders are free to ride their own pace up the mountain.

Join on Discord to ensure you are connected with the other club riders to help with start organisation and any changes to the event.

All welcome. Please note you will need to be at the correct Zwift level in order to select and ride the Road to the Sky route... Please check this first.


  • Nice one Matt, see you there
  • Don't forget, Alpe special on Sunday.

    Choose Road to the Sky route in Watopia, starting at 9:05 with a gentle ride to the foot of the mountain.

    Boost your climbing distance and get closer to a Tron bike... Also, you get a free virtual gift at the top!!!! Could be Mitts, Helmet, Wheels..... Probably Mitts!!
  • Yes, usually mitts in my experience...
    Bring your light wheels!
  • I’ll try and attend this. Sounds fun! Though won’t have voice set up. E Nelson - CCA
  • Worth trying to set it up if you can Ed, makes a big difference
  • Yep, dead easy. Download Discord on your phone, Create an account and connect to channel via linkl
  • Strange gents, can’t find the route. I’m level 16 so I thought I would have it...?!?

  • Great stuff Matt, too strong for me in the end, would be good to have another crack at this in a months time maybe.

    Well done Dave W, virtually flying!
  • Cheers for organising Matt, no chance i would have worked that hard on my own.
  • Well done everyone, apologies for going off early. I tried to keep in the group but suddenly everyone was behind me. Without discord it was difficult, lol. I knew you would come past though.
  • Cheers everyone who joined. Sorry it was a bit of a false start. I blame Vince, who was at one point on a completely different organised ride, on his way to Richmond, then doing laps of the Jungle course!!!

    No worries Steve, it was whatever suited really, we were never going to stay together anyway but certainly easier with Discord connected.

    I haven't got everyone's time for the climb. Maybe those i'm missing can add theirs...

    Vince 1:10:12
    Dan 54:38
    Matt 53:34
    Dave W 50:16
  • 1:13:02
  • It was a blur & don't know how to get my exact time again but I know I went a few seconds under 100 minutes ! :). That sounds better to me than twice as slow as Dave...
  • edited June 7
    @mc, you should defo have the option at your level. I think we might try and make this a regular once a month ride so hopefully see you there next time

    Vince, you need to log on 30mins before everyone to make sure you are ready
  • Should defo have it MC. . Level 12 onwards
  • Vince I’ll be there 30mins before next time getting the head start I need...
  • 58:05 for me. Monthly sound good. Thanks for organising!
  • How about let us know the gear you went up in. Mine was 39/25 to makesure I completed on my first attempt.
  • I went up in grovel gear Steve!. Changes with gradient to be honest for me. My focus was maintaining power. First segment was 260 watts which seemed maintainable, so just kept monitoring and adjusting to try to hit for each segment.
  • 39/20-16ish, with some 52/20 in the last sector, I think, but it's all a bit hazy...
  • edited June 8
    Big gear grinding all the way for me, I think I went a little too hard and was bringing up my breakfast near the end, a few lessons learnt for next time, i hope to shave off a minute or two next time.
  • Lucas had a go at the course last night.
    After Logan’s meet-up/race Lucas got on the bike for a workout and the route was the default on Watopia so he said he wanted to have a go. He actually likes the climbs but only so after he can go back down them really fast.
    He did the timed climb in 82:25, had a rest at the top. Changed to a TT bike for the descent and then zoomed back down. Admittedly I turned down the trainer difficulty a bit for him.
    BTW- he rides bolt upright without using the handles bars (unless he’s changing gear)so awkward to watch but it works for him.
  • That's brilliant, great work Lucas.
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