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Off-road to Spoke Cycles

Not to be put of by the early rain this morning Phil and I set try out an offroad route to the Spoke Cycles cafe, just outside of Codicote. Always a bit of a gamble trying to link sections of bridlepath, apart from one section it all worked out well. It was really riding new tracks and I got hear Phil say “I haven’t a clue where we are” a rare phrase indeed.

There was about 5 people at the cafe. The ham and cheese toastie’s where great but the coffee not so good. They were selling beers, but thought 1140 was a bit early!

89km loop from Biggleswade with 789m of climbing.

Will definitely do this again.


  • Sounds like a good ride, I hope you haven't been neglecting your MTBs ;)
  • My GT has died with a cracked frame. Bought it in 98’ so didn’t do bad.

    The route was fun and would have been good on a MTB.
  • Thanks Martin for was only a temporary blip in my ‘local knowledge’....

    Will be doing this again soon but on mtb rather than cx.....and taking the second right turn to Orange End/Rush Green!!
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