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CCA Newsletter 2 - June 2020 & Quiz answers

Hi all,

The second edition of the newsletter was sent out via British Cycling a couple of weeks ago. If for any reason you didn't get it (perhaps you need to update your contact details or haven't yet renewed your membership this year) then it can be found in the members section of the website:

For those of you eagerly awaiting the answers for the Grand Tour quiz - here they are, would be good to hear how you got on and if anyone has also attempted the cake!

Any feedback on the newsletters welcome please - do you want them to continue/are you reading them, any ideas for content/format going forward?

Thank you


1) Richard Carapaz

2) Alfredo Binda

3) The highest peak in each year’s race – with a prize for the first rider over the top

4) Alex Dowsett

5) 3 minutes, 22 seconds

6) Budapest

7) Lukas Pöstlberger

8) 2014

9) Two

10) Mario Cipollini

11) Miguel Induráin

12) Mauve

13) 482km

14) 20

15) Nice, France

16) Four times

17) 30

18) Sylvain Chavanel

19) Iban Mayo

20) Copenhagen
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