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Cyclocross Eastern League update July 20

The British Cycling Regulations around the resumption of cyclocross racing are still vague but the indications are that some form of regional level racing should be allowed in the 20/21 season.

However, it is clear that some venues will not give permission for these events even if the Regs allow it and our usual host is taking that approach and not allowing any external events until at least 2021. In the circumstance, understandable, but this means we will not be able to host our planned event on 18 October. I know that other Eastern League events are/will be similarly affected and we expect to know more from the League as to which ones are affected by the end of the month.

For our event, this leaves us 3 options:

1) Give up and cancel (don't like that one!)
2) Re-schedule the event for say February and hope the Covid problem is resolved by then (out of our control)
3) Find another venue willing to host.

To find another venue won't be easy but if anyone has suggestions let me know. Venues with shared facilities (eg school changing rooms) are probably off the agenda as are National Trust or similar. We would also need car parking space for 400 cars.


  • Alternative Venue - I can try and get the number for the guy that owns the land at Deepdale/Potton where they run the motorcycle enduro days. No fixed facilities there so would need gazebos and portaloo's for sign on, food, toilets.

    The car park isn't massive but I know in the past they have parked cars beyond the car park somewhere

    Do you want me to try?
  • Yes please. If we have potential venues like this we should certainly sound out the owners.
  • Pete - worth considering Carver Barracks perhaps. It is often used for a round of the MSG MTB series as you probably know. The MoD started re-opening the venue this week for the various groups that usually use it (including for cycling). Massive tarmac area for car parking. No changing rooms, admin facilities or toilet facilities. I'll message you some contact details.

    Mark F
  • Thanks for this Mark. I have been in touch with them today and we will see where we get to. I have raced MSG there and agree it would be a great venue. Certainly no problems with car parking!

    Will update when I know more
  • Update on the potential club CX race for this year.

    Carver Barracks have unfortunately said No to any racing this year so we are still on the look out for a new venue. I have asked the Eastern League for an updated copy of their 'What is Cyclocross and what does it mean for venues' document and can send it on (once I get it) to anyone with contacts. I know Martin H has some ideas - others welcome.

    In the meantime I am in discussion with 'G' from MSG about using some of their venues to host CX/ MTB double header weekends as happened at Langdon Hills for example. Still early stages on that one but G is keen and helpful and is talking to the Forestry Commission on our behalf about a location in Thetford (not the Limeburner).

    BC have updated their guidance this week which, with a few caveats, will allow racing with the usual number of entrants and for the usual race durations. The main changes are no pits or bike changes and a socially distanced starting grid (fine if you're gridded 6th, not so fine if your 66th!). There are other Covid related implications but no real surprises. All on the BC website if you want more detail.

    So in summary, we have permission to race but we haven't yet got a venue. But we're not giving up!
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