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***Announcing a return to Wednesday evening TT racing from 1st August 2020***

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Following a looong lay-off over the period of COVID-19 lockdown and gradual easing of restrictions, CCA is pleased to start racing TTs again!

Our plan is to complete the remainder of our scheduled calendar of Wednesday evening 10-mile time-trials starting from the beginning of August. There will be a maximum of four races, one each week as follows (all Wednesdays of course, first start 19.01 unless stated):
5th August – “Footdown” F14/10;

12th August – “New” Wrestlingworth to Wimpole RAB and return;

19th August – “Footdown” F14/10;

26th August – “New” Wrestlingworth to Wimpole RAB and return (18.46 start, with fading light).
To remind you, the course maps are as follows:
NEW F14/"Wrestlingworth" - I need to double check the finish point, but its somewhere toward the bottom of the descent after cresting the rise following the turn from the cross-roads


F14/10 "Foot-down"

You may already be familiar with this course, but for newbies, its a circuit starting outside Guilden Morden on the Wrestlingworth-Guilden Morden road, into Guilden Morden and out on New Road through Shingay, left onto “Damnation Alley” just short of Wendy, left onto the B1042 at the “Toll Bar” and on until the Wrestlingworth cross roads, where left to the finish just short of Guilden Morden. In line with the current risk assessment, riders are required to stop, unclip and touch one foot to the ground within 2-5 metres of the junction onto the B1042 before proceeding at that point.

You will appreciate that we will need to take particular precautions to put these races on, which are in line with the Risk Assessment “COVID-19 RA” issued 16/07/2020 and available on the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website HERE, with additional measures deemed practical by the Club Committee.

• You should not attend or compete if you feel ill in ANY way – even if your symptoms are not linked to COVID-19 – or if any of your family members have any symptoms linked to coronavirus, especially a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
• Those who are in a current age banding that government advice suggests should limit social contact/shield/practice social distancing are requested not to attend the event.
• To ensure the Club’s ability to provide the ability to “track and trace” those who may have come into contact with persons who subsequently test positive for COVID-19 during these events, entries will be granted to 1st and 2nd Claim CCA members only – No guest riders please. Sorry!

• There will be NO entries on the night. A new announcement for each race will be posted on the Forum. If you wish to ride, please announce yourself on the race-dated Forum post.
• To avoid handling cash, entry fees will be cashless and paid in advance. Please pay the entry fee directly to the CCA bank account (details available on request if you don’t already have them) to cover CTT insurance. £5 for 2nd claim CCA members; £4 for 1st claim CCA members/CCA member Juniors/Youth; £3 1st claim CCA member Juniors/Youth.
• Sign on will be from the boot of a car parked at the start of either course from about 6.15 p.m. If possible, please remember to bring your own pen. Please note: The Guilden Morden village hall will NOT be open. Please plan ahead when it comes to toileting.
• New Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Regulation 14(i) still applies: Compulsory Use of a working Red Rear Light (flashing or steady). NO LIGHT, NO RIDE. See CTT Guidance Note No. 24 HERE.
• In accordance with Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Regulation 16, competitors are still required to wear a race number. Race numbers will be provided at sign on. You will appreciate that this Rule is particularly tricky to apply in a COVID-19-safe way. Please do not pin a number to a fellow competitor unless you are both from the same household. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear a jersey so that you can pin on your own number. If you can bring your own safety pins, so much the better.
• The handling of used race numbers is a particular point of risk to race organisers. A washing bowl will be provided for returned race numbers and they will be safely disinfected by the organiser afterwards.
• To reduce risk to organisers, all competitors start unclipped – there will be no “pushing off”.
• Please be sensible when congregating for the start. Current (as of 20.07.2020) UK government advice is that a group of any six people can meet outdoors at a distance of no less than 1 metre. However, you will appreciate that a recently finished competitor who is still breathing hard is best given a wider berth.
• Competitors are kindly requested not to stop at the finish or loiter after the race.
• For Youth/Junior riders (under 18), we will need a signed Parent/Guardian consent form to compete - one form covers the whole season. This can be found HERE. However, NO FORM, NO RIDE. But we only need one form on file to cover the whole season, not one form per ride. So, once the completed form is with us, you're sorted! :-)

Any questions, please shout! :-)


  • Thank you Andy and all those involved in getting these back on for the final few races.
    Do we still need to marshall a race as per you announcement earlier in the year?
  • Thanks Graham, Yes, we need to comply with the risk assessments for each course. So the “foot down“ 10 must have a Marshal on the Toll Bar turn; and we need a Marshal at the Wimpole RAB for the new course. I’ll be looking for volunteers and will post on that shortly.
  • Andy. This note made my day. Q: Assuming £4 per race 1st claim CCA, can we just pay £16 in one payment hoping to do all four events and not wanted rebates for any missed? Thanks David
  • Hi All, Steve Douglas from Meridian Triathlon Club here. Completely understand about club members only for the TT. Asking about joining, the club website states £10 for second claim, would our club be in this category? Potentially a few of us might join. Thanks for helping.
  • Hi Steve, you can join as 2nd claim through BC..
  • Okay I'm signing up, will transfer money tomorrow. Looking forward to it despite the unusual circumstances
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