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Disc wheel to borrow?

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Does anyone happen to have a road disc wheel (shimano 11 speed) that I could borrow for the National 10 on Sunday? I have just found out that I am on the long list for selection for the junior world time trial championships in September, providing it goes ahead, so really want to get a good time. But as I am moving to the BC senior academy in October, my parents aren’t keen in buying me a disc as everything from that point on gets provided. Can anyone help with a wheel?

Many thanks,


  • Sophie, I have a HED Jet Disc that should do the trick, is your Mum working tomorrow, if so she can collect from camp? 07795154053 to discuss detail if you need.
  • That would be amazing Luke, thank you! My mum is working the next two days so she’ll send you a message to arrange a pick up. Thanks again!
  • I've got the same if that doesn't work out Sophie, give me a shout. Best of luck.
  • No probs, I’m in most of the day
  • Claire/Sophie - I’ve messaged on FB Messenger re: Wheels.
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