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Correction - and an apology; We have joint TT Handicap Competition Winners!

Hi Folks,

Somewhat sheepishly, I sit at my keyboard this evening to right a wrong.

There have been a few stories in the news in recent weeks about cr*p algorithms, and I'm afraid I have just added to them. In a dawning realisation last evening while watching TV a penny dropped: Stephen Orriss had scored a point for riding the final TT of the season, which I hadn't accounted for in my final calculations (for that matter, so had Ellie, for the first race of our shortnened season). To quote my own words from my original announcement back to myself: "The margins involved in a short season competition are wafer thin and unfortunately there was no room for an off-night": the off-night was not Stephen's but mine :-)

In fairness, the fields for this years races have been much bigger than last and the spreadsheet that I use calculates only the 1st to 10th Handicap places. Last year there were less than 10 qualifying Handicappers most weeks, so the names of all scoring riders were visible to me. But this year, there were many more than 10 scoring Handicappers and I lost sight of those who fell just outside the top ten, but who nevertheless scored one point each. Anyway, I contacted both Martin and Stephen this morning and I thank them both for receiving the news so well.

So, with (another) drum roll, here is the final (FINAL) top three:
=1. Martin L. 45
=1. Stephen O. 45
3. Ellie M. 43
Let me pay tribute to Stephen. As well has being a thoroughly nice guy, Stephen has been steadily improving over the last few seasons. Last term he went just off the boil in the second half or suffered some bad luck when his ride was interfered with by farm traffic. But this year, clearly, he'd made great strides, posting some impressive PBs along the way - perhaps its those rides to work, Stephen? In short, Stephen is a deserved joint winner and I heartily congratulate him.

With Stephen living in Guilden - as too does Martin - it should be relatively easy to arrange for a half year's share of the cup each, though a crane may be needed for the transfer :-)

So, please join me in congratulating both our winners! Bravo!
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