Club Zwift Mondays!

Saturday 10th October 9.30am Inter/club ride

At last it's stopped raining - hurrah ! Looks like a cracking autumnal day tomorrow, if a bit on the chilly side....

I'll be navigating an intermediate paced ride (13-15avg) if anybody wants to join me

Ashwell-Bassingbourn-Shepreth-Barrington hill-Eversdens-Longstowe-Shingay-Guilden-Ashwell (37 miles)

After some friendly advice from the local PC a couple of weeks ago, can we make sure that if there is more than 6 of us we gather in two distinct (socially distanced) groups. Maybe one group either side of the Tuns door ?

See you in the morning :)


  • Sounds good David, I'll join you.
  • I’m in. Looking forward to it
  • I plan to be out too. Now - summer bike or winter?
  • I was just mulling over that question too! Might have to be winter as looks like it may get a bit damp. Need an autumn bike...
  • All right for some. I only have ONE bike! I’ve put mudguards on so I can call it my winter bike 😀
  • I’ll also be out tomorrow- it’s been a while! I’ll have the route loaded up if anyone fancies something slightly more than intermediate at 15-16 ave.
  • Going to risk the summer bike, for one last time.
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