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Thursday night Zwift BC TT - Inter- club?

I’ve must started promoting Thursday BC TTs to the Nomads and was wondering if there was any interest in getting the Inter-club going again this autumn / Winter. I see the the BC crit races on Tuesdays have remained very popular with CCA.


  • Hi John, I generally really enjoyed the Tuesday/Thursday night BC crits/TTs through Lockdown, and having the interclub aspect to the TTs added some competitive spice. However, I did find I was focussing more on the crit format, as my interest started to wane in the Zwift TT format- I think I got a bit bored of the straight wattage competition, mostly on flat courses, compared to road races where the strongest rider doesn't necessarily win.
    I think BC did a great job getting these going at a critical time, but a minor irritation with BC events for me is their insistence on everyone wearing the same kit- compared to other race series, I feel it stifles the competitive element, as it's difficult to recognise anyone..?
    So I don't think I'll be committing to doing the series I'm afraid, although I might do the odd one here and there. Enjoy!
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    How about Interclub competition using the weekly Thursday WTRL team TT? It's the best thing on Zwift! See

    There are 600 or so teams taking part every week in various different classes (including a premier league with some well-known elite riders). The course is changed every week, with distances usually from 25km to 45km, using a variety of flat and hilly terrain.

    It's livestreamed most weeks: e.g.

    Getting the best performance out of a team needs tactical thinking and smooth riding. Most teams use Discord to communicate amongst their riders to keep everyone working well together.

    Teams have up to eight riders with the team's finish time taken on that of the fifth rider (or, if a team only has three or four riders, then the finish time is taken on the third rider).

    My tri club has been fielding two or three teams each week since April and these events have turned out to be great social activities (as well as incredibly hard work).

    Mark F
  • Some competitive Zwift action through winter will be good. Can’t commit every week though due to shift pattern, could try different formats and races through winter something with a league to make is easier.
  • Also... Zwift Racing League with WTRL is now live with a mixture of Races and TTs on a Tuesday... I think it's teams of min 3 max 5.

    I'm happy to try and set up a Cat B team if there is interest...
  • yes please Matt
  • Very keen for some B action. Agree with Dave on the TT'S
  • I'd be up for some TTT action. Although assume that everyone needs to be the same category? Never done one before so not sure how it works.
  • I like the idea of some team racing and tactical thinking using Discord. And I'll happily play the domestique part.
  • You can race up Matt, but not down. So we could have an Cat A team with Cat B riders. Alternatively have a Cat A team and Cat B team. Dave and yourself are As. I'm sure Dan can hack it in A too.
  • Hi John - I’d be up for joining these. Won’t be able to join every week but I found these great motivation and training during the first lockdown. I don’t really know many people in the club (except for those that do the Wed morning ride) but happy to make up numbers in a team if required. Cheers Rob
  • Thanks all for your comments - yes I agree David as I used to enjoy the ZHR Masters Races On Tuesday evenings that had a league with 5 year age brackets. I was always competing with an American & German and the races were longer as 35km and far more tactical. HNCC started doing the BC Crit races & TTs - but it seemed to be the TTs that took off - particularly with the other local clubs. I’ve been in contact with all of our Inter-club clubs & most are keen to re-start the BC TTs - given the time of year again. Regards - all.
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    Try 1 - unsuccessful!
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    Inter-club TT Results:
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    Apologies for the repeated images - (now removed) I'm not familiar with using a hosting site to post images here! Thursday Nights TT results - in their entirety - hopefully.....
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    Thursday's Zwift BC Inter-club 10TT Results: just Rob Bucky & Hamish Harvey came up on ZP under CCA (although I can't see Hamish in the ZP CCA club listing?)
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    Ok - try 2....

  • Hamish a new to Zwift. He’s an U12.
    I’ll remind Steve to get him set up on ZP.
  • Apologies for not posting last weeks TT results as I had some difficulty with my Wi-Fi. However I could only see Rob Buky had raced and due to a Zwift glitch didn't get a finishing time. BRCC also have now come out in force and are the dominant team. Rob & Hamish did compete last night. PS Hamish still need to join the CCA team on ZP as I luckily spotted him in the general results. image
  • Had to get a report out on Thursday night so missed the TT :-(
    Will get back next week!

  • Would be good to get a few more CCA riders out. We’re getting hammered by Nomads and Beds Road!!
  • Had to get a report out on Thursday night so missed the TT :-(
    Will get back next week!

  • Well done tonight MC. You were the only other CCA rider I saw. I had a crap night - forgot to switch to a TT bike and had 4G problems so lost my internet and aborted after about 6km
  • Hi Rob - I saw your name listed so bad luck with your technology. I think there were 4 CCA riders participating tonight & HNCC actually managed to beat BRCC tonight. Results here - image
  • See you again Thursday!
    Dug deep for that last Thursday...

  • Results of tonights BC 10TT - subject to any omissions or errors on my part transposing the results. We also have Meridian Triathlon Club who have joined the competition - in place of St Neots who haven't really participated. image
  • I’ve been trying to get new people involved through my tri club so I was the one who pulled together the MTC lot. So I was listed with them yesterday. John you were catching me at the end!! Chris was a different league! Usual great ride by Logan, along with his trademark flying start!
  • Decent effort on the course that doesn't suit a bigger guy like me. Hopefully next years real life interclub can take place as it seems people are making some big leaps in fitness
  • First TT for a while for Logan. He’s not shown much interest for some weeks but was keen to do it this week. It’s his favourite TT course which helped. He loves those starts. It’s a big thing for him to try and get amongst the cat b and cat A riders even if only for 30 seconds.
  • I’m going to give the time trial a go tonight so I’ll be a new CCA name to add to your list John.
  • Thanks ChrisL - I would like to say you have given us something to chase but in reality we didn't even see you! Congratulations! These are the results - give me a shout if I have made any errors / missed anyone off. Regards
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