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15-20k local loops

Hi all, I’m trying to find a few good 1hr(ish) loops from the middle of the village which i can do when i get time. I have a 1yr old so its a bit adhoc. Theres a good one north and back through Dunton which ill start with this weekend, but if anyone has others they like please share them. Thanks in advance!


  • Also i presume I'm not the only one trying to fit quick rides around a busy lifestyle, so if anyone has any tips about how they do it please let me know! Thanks
  • Hi there. Littlington, Abington Pigotts Shingay, Guilden is a decent loop and large part of the Summer Chain Gang route.

    As for juggling riding with young family, can't recommend Indoor riding enough. No prep; bang on a pair of shorts, fill your water bottle and off you go. When time is precious, you want to be riding as much as you can in the time you do have.
  • Ridewithgps is prob worth a look as well, you can filter for Ashwell and distance
  • Thanks Matt and Dan, i dont have a turbo trainer but maybe its worth looking out for one, ive seen all the things people do with zwift ect and i can imagine thats quite fun. Ill have a look at that route and have a play with ridewithgps too! Maybe i can get quick enough during lockdown to come along on some group rides!
  • If you have Strava on your mobile phone you can get it to plot routes for you on the "explore" feature. It will look at popular roada around you and draw a route for you to do. Very convenient. I save the route then upload to my Garmin
  • Chris' suggestion is a good one - the Strava auto-route function is great. I have been using it a lot (it is even better for longer routes).
    I head out on this route when I've got an hour or so to ride:
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