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Hi all,

Over the next few months the committee will be putting together a biweekly series of cycling features - this may include things like getting started with Zwift, bike maintainance over winter, some shorter local loops more suited to winter riding, off road routes, xmas pressie guides. These will be published on our website under the 'club news' section.

The intent is that whilst we hope there will be something useful here for seasoned club members we are looking to provide some extra support for newer members and to also share these with the wider community (through village facebook groups/newsletters) recognising that there will be many 'newbies' dabbling in cycling as a result of the lockdowns.

If anyone would also like to help out or has any particular topics they would like to see covered please do let us know.

The first post is on Zwift and can be found here:

Next (w/c 30th Nov) we will have some short winter loops and bike cleaning



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