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Zwift Racing League: Second team (B category) open for people to join

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Hi all,

As some of you may know, we have a zwift racing team (CCA Racers) that take part in the Tuesday night Zwift Racing League (ZRL) racing in the A category.

We have the opportunity to create another team that can serve as a feeder/development team, this will be in the slightly less intimidating B category, please post here if you'd like to be involved, all you need on top of Zwift is to be a registered user on Zwift Power. All are welcome, it's a great workout and we chat on discord for a real team spirit




  • Chris - I’d be very interested in giving it a go subject to availability. I’ve been following you on Tuesday and it looks fun but I’m not strong enough to join. Cheers Rob
  • Chris, thanks for stepping up. I need to rescind my team captaincy for the As so I can race in B. I will look at doing this over the weekend and will be up for racing Bs
  • Good idea. Yes interested in the Bs too.
  • By the way, for those looking to take part, new season starts approx 12th Jan
  • Chris, if you want the opportunity to race in As and B's, I am happy for you to put me as Captain for Bs and you as Manager. If you are captain of one team, you can only be associated to that team.

  • That sounds like it could be a good idea Matt - happy to do that
  • I'm interested in this too.
  • I'm up for B racing, can step up to A's for the TTT if we need to make up numbers
  • Hi All, I'm happy to follow the same as Dan. I've lost a tonne of fitness the last 6 weeks and there's no way I'd be able to manage with the A's now.
  • i eco Dan. ill be more suited to B cat racing too.
  • Up for joining the B team too. Mad fer it.
  • excellent, thanks for the responses chaps, so we have:
    Matt S
    Dan H

    as the max team size is 8, how do you want to mix this up chaps? This puts the A's a little short (4 now) so I wonder if a couple of you would like to stay in A and help us accumulate points, then everyone can ride every week (commitments pending) or can people swap between teams if they are B anyway?

    Matt S - would you like to swap organising duties - me or Mat Palmer can do the A's and you look after the B's?
  • Yeah, spoke to Matt about A Captain.

    I will probably stay as A Captain until end of season (next week) then hand over to Matt ahead of Season 2.

    Given that we can race up not down, we will need to make sure that the A team has the minimum number of riders met (3 race, 4 TTT) which may require some Bs riding in A. It would be worth trying to get 6 riders in each team for each race as every finisher gets a point.

    As you are a strong B Chris, it might be easier for me to organise B to give you the flexibility to race in either A or B team...
  • happy to mix it up where needed for number. i cant ride every week due to my shift pattern too so will free and a race spot when im working.
  • I was just wondering if this is still going ahead? Looking at the previous posts, I think this starts next week. I’m still up for giving it a go if others are. Thanks Rob
  • It certainly is! Bare with Rob... Matt P and I are on the case! Look out for a new thread to manage team arrangements.
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