Club Zwift Mondays!

Tired of potholes and sketchy winter roads? Stratford laps on Sunday...?

Morning all!
We're (already) at that stage of the off season where the novelty of washing bikes every day has worn off, the mudguards on our winter bike are rattling horribly, and we've mended more punctures than we've eaten mince pies - (ok, ok - maybe I've actually been riding more inside the garage than outside, but still...).

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased a bit, Jenny and I are going to dust down our best summer bikes for a few laps of the outside (road) track at the Lee Valley Velopark, Stratford - a chance to let off some steam in a safe environent on nicely maintained tarmac without the concerns of stressed drivers, potholes, black ice, or clanking mudguards.

No event as such, but the track is now open again for general riding, which is pretty straight-forward within the social distancing guidelines. Anyone's welcome to join us, regardless of experience or racing aspirations - we'll be heading down for about 10am on Sunday (13th). Don't know if the velodrome cafe is open yet, but there is an excellent artisan bakery and coffee shop down the road if it's not, that has outside seating.


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