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carbon frame repairs

edited December 2020 in General
anyone had any experience of getting a carbon frame repaired.....on my cube mtb i have managed to wear a hole in the right side seat stay where my foot/shoe/leg/ankle has been slightly rubbing on it over the last 3000 miles....and it has worn away the carbon outer to leave a hole about 35mm long by 2.5mm wide.....i am hoping it is not any names or suggestions would be welcome....thanks


  • Seat stay or chain stay?
  • seat stay...hard to believe i know.....
  • I in the past used Rob Hales, the same guy who now does commentary on live cycling. He does carbon repairs as a side line. I'll send you his contact details.
  • Rob Hales or there is a place in Norwich that has a good reputation: HQ Fibre Repair i think
  • I see the problem as bring the repair will add material to a part of the frame which is being abraded. Making it bigger could increase the attrition rate.
  • Kevin Stiggwood (Stiggers) 'not sure if he is one g or two gg' is a RCC member and lives in Barrington. He repairs carbon frames and works for a specialist carbon company. Good luck.
  • thanks all
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