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Festive 500

edited December 2020 in General
I'll be aiming to complete the Festive 500 this year (outdoors) so if anyone would like to do some riding please give me a shout.

Planning to do a century or more Christmas eve (around all of Bedfordshire) if anyone would like to join for some/all - get in touch

Edit: May have to scrap that to solo riding now, have a good Christmas all


  • Gonna try something similar virtually, certainly a ride every day is something I have wanted to attempt. No better time as Tier 4 looms.
  • I'm in Matt, been off the bike for over a week but need to hit 350miles this month and time is running out
  • I’ve achieved this for the past 2 years & have the badges too. I will try again this year -probably with a little more indoor riding new it’s permissible.
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