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CTT club levy review

Message received from CTT for information

Type B (Club) Levies

As most of you will be aware, as a result of Covid-19 and the direct impact lack of racing had in 2020 on CTT’s finances which may continue into 2021, the Board took the difficult decision to increase the levy on both Type A and Type B events by £1.00. This meant the levy for Type A events became £5 and Type B events increased to £4.

The increase of the levy particularly for Type B (club) events, attracted a lot of comment. The 2020 season having come to an end with more riders taking part in CTT events than initially had been envisaged and with the prospect of a good racing season for 2021 hopefully just around the corner, the Board has listened to the concerns raised and is pleased to confirm that whereas the increase in the levy for Type A events will remain, the planned increase in the levy for Type B (club) events will not now take effect. As such, the levy for club events will remain at £3 until such time as this is reviewed further.

In taking this action, the Board hopes that this will assist to increase participation, promote inclusivity, and help improve access to the sport at “grass roots” level. It is the club events that open the door to many; that introduces many beginners to our wonderful sport of time trialling and from where many future champions are to be found.

Clubs are very much encouraged to put on as many of their events this summer as they can. If we can all pull together, we can all help to make 2021 a success!

1 March 2021


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