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Ashwell Chaingang - Tuesday 6th April 2021, 7pm

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CC Ashwell chaingang 2021!

If you want in on the 2021 Ashwell Chaingang WhatsApp group for the very latest updates on the evening: text me. Martin 07977652247

Let's start the "chainos" a bit earlier than usual this year? Let's go at 7pm (instead of the usual 7.30pm), to get good light in.

For now, up to 2 laps. Let's go a bit steady and anticipate we all might be a bit rusty on group riding.

7pm - Depart Ashwell, Three Tuns at easy pace.
7.05pm - Meet up with those waiting at Steeple Morden pub/church and begin the chaingang.

New to the Ashwell chaingang, or thinking about giving it a go...

1. We rotate the chain anti-clockwise all the way.

2. If there's less than 4, it's probably better making it a TTT instead of a chain.

3. All welcome. CCA members or not.

4. Feeling the burn? Before you blow up, sit out your place in the chain and simply hang on at the back saying 'Last!' so the gang knows to miss you out. Enjoy the free speed from the group draft effect and rejoin, rotating in the chain with clear communication once/if you have your breath back.

5. Aim for smoothness: the fast line is only fractionally faster (1mph) than the resting line, don't spring out of corners, don't overlap wheels, be super alert at all times and call out every hazard and manoeuvre.

6. "What if I get dropped?"… It can happen to anyone and that's fine: you are still officially bad-ass for turning up and doing it. Ease back or turn around and latch on the next lap, or solo TT to continue the effort . Come back next week and see if you can hold on for longer.

7. The 9-mile lap:

Why chaingang?
- Brilliant way to develop your cycling fitness.
- Great way to hone your group skills and confidence.
- Perfect introduction to road racing and development of your road racing skills.
- Great way to keep your legs tuned for the next day's Club 10TT ;-) (When they start at the end of April).
- A nice way to meet riders you might not ordinarily ride with.

Here's a great 3 minute overview youtube of chaingang essentials. Ignore the bit about wind/rotation direction though: Ashwell chaingangs keep it simple and always rotate anti-clockwise.


  • Great news that the chaino is going to start again soon!
    Martin is right, it is great. More that great, it is brilliant on every level. Can't wait!
  • Look forward to this.. for half a lap at least!
  • Martin, I'll be up for this "chaingang" thing you speak of.

    350 watts for a minute, sink and sprint, is that it? No, hang on, was that something else....

    I'm sure it'll come back to me.
  • having watched the video my new favourite chaingang word will be HUP!

    hope to join a few of these

    Thanks for posting Martin
  • Yes! I’d love to come and have a go again
  • Hi all. Bringing this to the top again. First chaingang of 2021 is this Tuesday 6 April.

    Depending on numbers, we may need to go off in groups of six.

    Can I suggest a sort of neutralised start policy where no one gets dropped going up the war memorial hill at the start: probably the toughest part of the loop. Work as a group to protect any riders suffering too much. It gets smoother afterwards until the bump up North Brook End at the end of the lap.

    Looking forward to it!
  • Can't make this week Martin, moving Wednesday.

    If there is enough interest, would be happy to ride a medio chaingang @ 20-22
  • Would love to come and have a razzle. Be nice to be riding with people again!
  • Going to have to miss this week as I'm working late. But week after I'm looking forward to hanging of the back for dear life!
  • I've turned into a right fairweather cyclist nowadays. It's looking a bit nippy for me tomorrow.
  • Matt - forecast is blue skies, sunny and 3 degrees. That's better weather than I had in my garage for your WTRL zwift thing!! If your cold just stay on the front!
  • edited April 6
    Hi all. Chaingang is on for this evening. Looking forward to it.

    It’s cold. Winter gear will be required. Strong north-westerly forecast. It’ll be hard going from Bassingbourn to Shingay.

    The sun will set just about as we finish the second lap. Lights required. Can I put a request for no super bright flashing red lights when on the gang as it can make it a bit disco rave when at the back. Think about what shaded eyewear to bring too or how you’ll skillfully remove them mid chaino.

    If there are more than 6, let’s group into similarish confidence levels and set the group wanting to go faster off first - to minimize the chances of overtaking.

    See you Ashwell Three Tuns, setting off 7pm.
  • I can't make it this week but should be good for some group 2 action next week.
  • 5 out for the first Ashwell chaingang of 2021. Me, Jenny, Dave and Ashwell Chaino newbies Geoff and Rob. All fine tonight if not very cold. Geoff doing admirably with CX gearing. I hope he will return. I think he might have been bitten by the chaingang bug a little bit. Rob: super strong. Nails Award for riding through the blizzard in a headwind to get over.

    Lap 2 we TTT’d for a 22mph average. Hard earned breathing in cold air. -2 on the road and somewhere less than that real-feel. The only way is up! No more road gritters.

    I think there’s much interest in a medio 20-22mph group this year. Hopefully next week we can see two groups. That would be ace.
  • Loved it. Definitely bitten! Can't make next week but hoping to try again soon. Thanks all for showing me the ropes.
  • I am sorry to not have made it out. I would like to have a real excuse... but simply, I was too worried about slipping on the snow!

    Still, l am looking forward to next week. My phone tells me that it will be a "toasty" 9 degrees :-)
  • @Martin L once it warms up a bit I do want to partake ;-)
    Looking at the calibre of riders -> I'm sure that there will be 2 squads ;-)
    I'm looking to kick off nearer the end of April / early May however the dates work out...

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