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Tyres for light off-roading on road bike

Looking to get a set of tyres to stick on my Trek to tackle light off roading, thinking Letchworth Greenway generally in summer etc, nothing too wet and gloopy, though would like a tyre that's a little more aggressive just in case a few bits are worse than others, not too fussed about road performance.

What would the CCA experts recommend?


  • MCMC
    edited March 23
    Starter for 10 ;-)
    The tires I would look at are: "Schwalbe G-One Allround"

    These are recommended for (in order): Tarmac / Gravel / Trail Dry
    but not:
    Trail Wet

    These seem to fit what you are looking for Chris...
  • Panaracer gravelkings (the slick versions) are what I’m riding on my Kinesis. Good for road and 32mm with lower pressure work fine on the greenway and easy off road stuff. Hilarious on gloopy mud I found out the other week whilst taking a “short cut”. Especially with my mudguards on...G ones are great too.
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