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“Opening Up”-Dependent - Announcing a Brace of Season-Opening “Hard Rider” 25TTs

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In a tweak to 2020’s little-used re-vamped TT season, CCA are supporting Hitchin Nomads (HNCC), who have received CTT approval to put on a series 25TTs on the F14/25 course HQd at Guilden Morden Village Hall. The series includes two solo season-opening events pencilled in for Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th April 2021 with the first rider scheduled to be off at 09:01.

Readers may have seen the advice here from CTT posted on 23rd February 2021 that, provided that the conditions for progressing to the next stage of “Opening-Up” of UK Government’s “Roadmap out of lockdown” have been met on 29th March 2021 (see here), competitive Type A and Type B TTs can resume. However, since the first race date is very close to the 29th March 2021 UK government “decision gate”, Cambridgeshire Police are withholding authorisation until it is confirmed that the locale can progress to the next stage of “Opening Up”.

Accordingly, if you are interested to ride, please keep an eye on the events section of the HNCC website here: currently the above events are not scheduled in the HNCC calendar. I shall endeavour to update you as soon as I have new one way of the other.

A further announcement regarding CCA's 2021 mid-week evening 10s will follow in due course, with a scheduled first ride to take place on Wednesday 28th April 2021.


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    Good Morning How to Pre entry 25m TT (3rd April )
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    Hi Folks,

    Apologies for the radio silence, but work has been pretty intense in the run up to Easter. OK, so what follows is a bit last minute for those not on the Inter Club TTers WhatsApp group, but here goes.

    Following the 29th March 2021 step in "opening up", Nomads have been granted police authorisation for both their 25s on 3rd and 10th April on the F14/25 HQd at the Guilden Village Hall. BUT there is traffic lighted road works on - I understand - the bridge after the long drop from the Wrestlingworth cross roads returning to Guilden which is still going to be in place for the 3rd April event.

    Last I heard, the Nomad's organiser was going to do a quick risk assessment for a single circuit starting at our usual foot-down TT start = the 25 finish and finishing short of the roadworks = about 10 miles. The full 25 course *should* be available for 10th April.

    Please stay plugged into the Nomad's website and Nomad's FaceBook page for updates. If you would like contact details for Nomad's TT organiser, please shout me here. I'll also put that on our IC TT WhatsApp group.

    Looks like the weather will be good for proper Hard Riders on Saturday 3rd April.

  • Interested in doing the TT on Saturday 10th. Is there a way to enter if you don't have facebook?

    Looking like it will be a cold one.

  • Matt I've sent a message on your behalf to Nigel Wilson who is organising and asked that you be included on the start sheet. i think you just need to bring £5 and your own safety pins.
  • Thanks Rob. I guess there’s no wussing out now! 😀
  • Matt - you’re off at 9.13. I’m regretting having entered you as you are right behind me!! Here’s FB message from the Nomads

    Club TT – Saturday 9am 10th April – F14/25

    Start list for tomorrow’s Club TT. I drove round the course this afternoon and it looks like we are good to ride the full 25. 4 things to remember in the morning:

    Remember your fiver for entry.
    Remember your rear light.
    Remember safety pins to attach your race number.
    Remember the CoVid rules.

    9.01 Gents 4-up
    9.03 Ladies 4-up
    9.05 David Rossall
    9.06 John Curtin
    9.07 Andrew Hardy
    9.08 Jason Stuart (CCA)
    9.09 Stephen Oliver
    9.10 Chris Potter (CCA)
    9.11 David Glossy
    9.12 Rob Buky (CCA)
    9.13 Matt Young (CCA)
    9.14 Ade Gower
    9.15 Adam Swan
    9.16 Nick Morgan
    9.17 Martin Lawless

    If you haven’t yet entered but would now like to ride stick a comment below to let me know this evening and I’ll add you to the start list. There is no ‘Entry on the Line’ though.

    Debbie Knott, Ben Wilson and myself as Event crew. See you in the morning.

  • Hi Rob,

    I think you've got me mixed up with a (much faster) Matt. I should change my username if that's possible. I can sort out when signing on?

    Matt Suggit
  • Oh sorry Matt. I assumed it was Matt Young as he had mentioned it when we were riding together last Sunday!! I’ll let the organiser know that it was my mistake and you’ll be fine tomorrow.
  • Hi Matt. Last week, Hitchin were ready for sign on at 8.30am. Nothing different said on Facebook this week. Good luck to the Ashwell racers! See you all there.
  • Not the nicest morning to be out!! Matt - nice to have met you but I hear you had a slip. I hope you are ok??
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    Hi Rob. Nice to meet you too. Yes sadly was not an auspicious start to the season for me. Nothing broken, needed a few stitches in elbow and hand, and plenty of road rash. Had to brake suddenly and lost it, after tractor and car overtook then stopped. Will try again once healed up!
  • Ouch. Sorry to hear that. Take it easy and I hope it heals up quickly.
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