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Saturday 10th April 9.30am club/intermediate ride

Looks like its going to be a bit on the chilly side tomorrow morning, so back to the winter gear again ! I'm happy to navigate an intermediate ride, so 14-15 avg (group of 6 max).

NE wind, so lets head North first and get a tailwind home (or at least hope to get one !!)

How about the Yelling loop (41 miles)

Ashwell-Potton-Everton-Yelling-Gransden-Gamlingay-Sutton-Dunton-Northfields-Ashwell (41 miles)

See you in the morning, don't forget the social distancing at the Tuns !


  • Looking forward to it David
  • See you tomorrow!
  • Planning to be there too.
  • Me too. Will likely peel off early somewhere though.
  • Count me in.
    If you remember me.
  • Hmmmmm, weather forecast is not looking good this morning. Cold and rain so I won’t be out today.

    Think it’s a morning for the turbo :(

    Fingers crossed for some spring weather next week, hopefully see you all then .........
  • Oh well , plenty more Saturdays to come.
  • Yes , turbo for me too sadly ☹️. Fingers crossed for next week.
  • I don't know, all you lilly-livered landlubbers! Some of us didn't get the memo, so myself, Alan, Bob and Adam still headed out and did an abridged version of the above route.

    Turns out you had the right idea after all, as it was shall we say more than a bit mildly moist, much wetter than any of us expected.

    Still, it was great to be out in the very fresh air riding with others. Hopefully we'll get some better weather again soon!
  • Chapeau chaps for getting out there this morning, sounds very urm character building !!

    I’ll try and order some sunshine for next week
  • Tim is being polite. It was bl**dy cold and wet - feet have only just warmed up!
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