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Road racing and crits... returning to the calendar

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Hi all

Just a quick note to say that I'm noticing crits appearing on the British Cycling calendar. A few road race events too. They are proving super popular, and you might need to be fast to get in on one.

This event stood out at Hog Hill - Ilford, Saturday afternoon 1st May. Something for everyone. Men's and Women's. There's a range of crits from an entry-level 4th Cat race to Masters (40+) race. I've entered that. 3.45pm.

Maybe I'll see you there. It will all sell out quick - like this weekend or thereabouts - I'd guess.

Have a look at the BC calendar. There's a crit series in Bovingdon and Milton Keynes among other things.

Wanna talk more? How about a chat on the Tuesday chaingang...



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    Great afternoon of racing for Ashwell at a sunny Hog Hill today in this Brother LDN crit event.

    First we had (2nd claim) Jenny in the brutal E123 race, featuring a rider from Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Very high standard. I missed this race but Jenny was beaming when I saw her after and she was pleased with her performance.

    Then I saw Brendan in the 4th Cat race. Looked tough and not the birthday present easy ride he was wishing for! The brutal climb detached Brendan from the front bunch after a couple of times but he managed to TT from there to a top 20 place. Brendan's first crit - nice!

    Then it was me, Dave W and Chris L in the Masters race. We did the Club proud. Dave went off like a rocket at the start and led the first lap. Chris almost got a podium with a wattage bazooka with two climbs of Hog Hill to go. Heroic. I managed to hide in the bunch all the way and just missed top 10.

    Hog Hill is a physically and technically demanding course. If you can race here - you can race anywhere.

    More and more crits are appearing in the calendar. And road races emerging too. I'm off to Colchester's brand new crit circuit next Sunday in a BMCR Velo Schils double-race: two half hour races with a small gap in between. Sounds like fun.

    Join the Ashwell road racing crew and get involved. Catch you at the next chaingang if you want to talk more.
  • For the bored... here's my full race report:
  • Well done all, great write up Martin.
  • Great write up, sad to miss this one...but Ellie had a great two days racing, so worth it. Any sighting of the next one here??
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