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Chaingang - Tues 13 April, 7pm

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If you want in on the 2021 Ashwell Chaingang WhatsApp group for the very latest updates on the evening: text me. Martin 07977652247

Forecast... Much better than last week. 6 degrees - so still quite 'arm warmers'. But virtually no wind, so could be nice and smooth all the way around each lap.

Let's stick to 7pm to get good light in for 2 laps.

I think there's momentum for a 'Group 2' who would be all-inclusive at around 20-22mph average which is basically the same as doing the Club 10 TT in 30 minutes. If you're able to do that: you're fine, as the aero/energy benefits of drafting will help. It would be great to see that happen. If it does, Group 2 should let the other group go first by a minute or so - to avoid the chances of overlapping on the course.

See you Tuesday!

7pm - Depart Ashwell, Three Tuns at easy pace.
7.05pm - Meet up with those waiting at Steeple Morden pub/church and begin the chaingang. Let's have a quick discussion on groups here if need be before setting off.

Standard chaino info...

1. We rotate the chain anti-clockwise all the way.

2. If there's less than 4, it's probably better making it a TTT instead of a chain.

3. All welcome. CCA members or not.

4. Feeling the burn? Before you blow up, sit out your place in the chain and simply hang on at the back saying 'Last!' so the gang knows to miss you out. Enjoy the free speed from the group draft effect and rejoin, rotating in the chain with clear communication once/if you have your breath back.

5. Aim for smoothness: the fast line is only fractionally faster (1mph) than the resting line, don't spring out of corners, don't overlap wheels, be super alert at all times and call out every hazard and manoeuvre.

6. "What if I get dropped?"… It can happen to anyone and that's fine: you are still officially bad-ass for turning up and doing it. Ease back or turn around and latch on the next lap, or solo TT to continue the effort . Come back next week and see if you can hold on for longer.

7. The 9-mile lap:


  • Hi - planning on joining as a first timer if that's alright - will be riding across from Royston, so will catch you at Steeple Morden
  • Great. See you then. I will be at Ashwell three Tuns. We leave there 7pm.
  • Hi all. I had the wrong date on this discussion header earlier. I meant Tuesday 13th. All go and looking good for this evening.
  • Irrespective of the above, I was actually thinking of just simply riding this tonight as well.

    @richardm I'll be heading out from Royston as well, will be passing the Heath car park entrance around 6:30 if you want to go together.
  • Great fun - thanks all. I hope to see you next week. Probably two laps again and then we'll turn the screw a bit for a third lap, if there's appetite, thereafter.

    A couple of points while fresh...

    I suggest we try and make the groups equally numbered if possible? I guess this is always going to be a bit about who turns up and what kind of speed people are after though.

    And when it comes to the end, if anyone wants to sprint, it should be for the 30mph sign into Steeple Morden. Once in the village: aim to chain again and/or ease back.

  • It was fantastic to see so many friends, although chaingang does not permit much opportunity for chatting (no spare breaths).
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