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Flat 100km to Over, Sat 17 April 1pm, Guilden Morden village hall

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Hi all

If you're at a loose end and can't make the Sunday 'Belgium Beer' ride, maybe you fancy a flat ride to Over in the Fens this Saturday 17th?

100km/62 miles. Leaving Guilden Morden village hall car park 1pm. The little mission is to make coffee and cake at the Book Warren Cafe near Over, north of Swavesey. That's 30 miles away. Closes 3pm. 2hrs to get there? Should be fine. Then a tailwind home with the sun in our faces, my friends.

We get to see the A14 bike bridge and ride the mad empty new-ish bike paths around there. Am I selling it?

Just rock up to the Guilden 1pm if you fancy it. See you there.



Martin L


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    Did you make it there in time?.. is the question on everybodies lips!
  • With a good 15 minutes to spare. Flat whites n’ cake. Last to be served.

    I will do this route again and give more notice next time.
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