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Wednesday 28Apr21 - 1st CCA Club 10TT - "Footdown" Course - First off 19.01; Sign-on from 18.15

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Hi Folks,

OK, we're good to go. Hoping to see you all for our first event this week. Please check the Announcement and Schedule emails for details.

Thanks to Brendan and Al for offering to help. I think we should be OK for helpers, but anyone else is welcome.


  • I've just had a report of a roadworks on the Wrestlingworth crossroads. The Cambridgeshire Council website has it down as a 4 way control for work by BT between 26-30th April. :-( I'll go out there tomorrow to have a look and will advise.
  • On the basis, it hasn't been cancelled because of the roadworks, I'm "in" & paid. See you at sign on and then everyone can overtake me!
  • OK, we will be running AN event tomorrow but on a shortened course based on the footdown 10TT circuit.

    The traffic lights at the crossroads look like they'll remain in place so - with thanks for the suggestion :-) (you know who you are!) - we're going to run a shortened course starting at the 25TT start on the Guilden Morden road up near the crossroads and finishing at the top of Tadlow hill on the B1042. This is the rise with the false-flat near the top that if you're familiar with the course you'll know. The finish will be at the entrance of the steel company compound at the top of the false flat section. I'm not sure how far that is, but probably about 9 miles.

    In view of this, I'm neutralising all competitions so it's just for the thrill of getting back out there with a number on your back.

    To ginger things up, we've put a Strava section in on the Tadlow hill part of the course.
    1. Remember your rear light.
    2. Sign-on at the Guilden Morden Village hall from the back of my car.
    3. I've spray painted two pot-holes on the racing line as you approach the turn to Shingay on the out-leg from Guilden Morden along Flecks Lane, but please watch out for them.
    4. Un-clip and footdown at the marshalled Toll Bar turn onto the B1042 from "Damnation Alley".
    5. Return to the village hall via the traffic-lighted cross-roads please.
    If you need anything, please shout.
  • Sorry we didn’t make it. Major sewer drain issues at home to deal with.
    Next week
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    Eighteen out tonight on a horrid evening for windchill with the shivering lycra-clad competitors shivering up at the exposed 25TT start. A shortened 8.22 mile course tonight as traffic lights at the Wrestlingworth crossroads prevented a full circuit, with the finish at the top of Tadlow Hill. To ginger things up, we added a Strava segment to the Hill Climb (see pic below). Although all competitons were neutralised, I'm sure all will be pleased to hear that they each did a PB on this, the first running of the course! :-)

    Congratulations to Matt as fastest man and Hill Climb winner, but with an honourable mention to Mitchy who came second on a road bike. Jackie F. was fastest lady. And a super time for Ellie Mitchinson, averaging 20.13 mph as best Junior.
    1. M. Young 19.07
    2. D. Mitchinson (PTT) 19.28
    3. M. Lawless 19.44
    4. A. Swan (PTT) 20.21
    5. D. Wells 20.37
    6. J. Field (F) 21.10
    7. G. Askew 21.16
    8. S. Miles 21.30
    9. D. Marriage 21.32
    10. L. Swan (F) 21.52
    11. J. Bard 22.20
    12. J. Andrews (F) (PTT) 22.30
    13. S. Douglas (PTT) 22.44
    14. R. Bumstead 23.19
    15. S. Orriss 23.50
    16. E. Mitchinson (FJ) 24.30
    17. C. Duguid (PTT) (F) 24.35
    18. T. Lunnon (PTT) 26.30
    I know you will want to thank those who stood out in the conditions to make this happen. The brave soles were Brendan, Stuart and Al. Thanks to all! :-)


    PS. I saw Nathan Hardy out earlier so he features in the Strava segment list "by mistake"... :-)
  • Great even! Thanks to those that stood in the cold to make it happen
  • event!
  • Yeah, thanks everyone, really 'enjoyed' that. Particularly liked the new short-format- maybe a 2 mile sprint version with no hills (or maybe just downhills) event next week..?😉
  • Great to be riding TT again. Thanks to everyone. Just don't let Mitchy have a TT bike!
  • I don’t think they make them that small
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