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Wednesday 05May21 - 2nd CCA Club 10TT - Wrestlingworth Course - First off 19.01; Sign-on from 18.15

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Hi Folks,

OK, we're good for the first running this season of the Wrestlingworth-Wimpole RAB-Wrestlingworth there and back course. Looking forward to it.

Having discussed with Stuart, we think that as a bare minimum, we'll need 4 organisers/helpers to run the course. The new Risk Assessment requires two Marshals, one at the roundabout at the far end of the course AND another at the turn at the crossroads back towards Guilden. If the starter walks across the road to marshal the turn at the crossroads, this leaves us needing a timekeeper and a spotter at the finish please.

Thanks to Brendan for offering to assist for the second week running. I believe that David J *may* be up for doing some timekeeping, but just in case if you can't access the Google drive to stick your name down, please make youself known here.

See you tomorrow! :-)


  • Hi Andy

    Yep I'm still up for doing some timekeeping this evening.
  • Great! Thanks David. See you at the VH for sign on. Thanks!
  • Andy. I am happy to marshall/timekeep tonight if you need. Let me know asap if you can so I can dress accordingly. David
  • I think we’re OK now David but thanks for the offer.
  • Thomas is planning on coming too so I'll be able to step in and help if any help is needed last minute
  • Thanks Andy and to all the helpers who put on the TT tonight - it was bloody cold on the bike so it must have been freezing standing bc around. Much appreciated. Rob
  • Just remembered I hadn’t paid - bacs done. Thanks all - much nicer weather than last week.
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    Thanks Rob but all the hard work was being done up the other end from the RAB! But Stuart and I would of course like to thank Brendan and David J for helping.

    Which reminds me. We have a few offers to help out next week, thanks. But remember, 1st claim CCA, to qualify for the season-long comps you'll need to get two "helps" in. So, plan your season!

    OK, a quick run down of tonights placings. I'll need a day or so to have a look at the Handicap, so hold onto your tickets! :-)
    1. M. Young 22:30
    2. D. Mitchinson 23:18 (CCCSD RT/Contour Cycles)
    3. M. Lawless 23:40
    4. R. Buky 24:00
    5. J. Field (F) 24:29
    6. S. Miles 25:56
    7. D. Marriage 26:06
    8. J. Bard 26:35
    9. S. Douglas (Merdian Tri) 27:05
    10. S. Orriss 27:32
    11. R. Bumstead 27:54
    12. C. Duguid (F) (Meridian Tri) 29:04
    13. A. Bracewell (J) 29:22
    14. T. Ayers (J) 29:48
    The first of this season's rides on the Wrestlingworth-Wimpole RAB-Wrestlingworth there-and-back course, tweaked so that the finish is at the 25TT start to allow timekeepers a clear line of sight from the crossroads. But from a quick look at Strava, the course looks like it's 9.95 miles. So close! But ho-hum. However, despite its flat profile, the course may not be as quick as first appears. Perhaps its the lumpy resurfacing from the Croydon turn and back...?

    A sunny evening, but with a 6 mph Westerly and a "feels like" temperature of 6 Celsius, it was again a chilly evening for flexing muscles. But, as I watched from my vantage-point marshalling the turn a number of interesting cameos played out before me.

    There was the beautiful flat-back position of young Master Bracewell on his way to besting his Junior colleague Master Ayers. And it only seemed like a matter of time before Mr. Bard would overhaul his pal Mr. Orriss, and so it proved…until Mr. Orriss got “mad” and overtook Mr. Bard back 😊. Mr. Miles’ TT position seems to be recovering from a Winter of Zwifting and Mr. Lawless muscled a reported 53-11 from start-to-finish to take third on the night. Mrs. Field posted an eye-catching 24:29 in the cool conditions as fastest Lady, while Mr. Young again took the mens’ top prize for the second week running. But once again Mitchy impressed with second on a road bike with no tri-bars. Chapeau to all!
  • Yep, it was cold ! Myself and Brendan were wrapped up like it was midwinter on the finish line & could have done with a pair of winter gloves :(

    Chapeau indeed to all the riders that did last nights time trial, conditions were more like a hard riders TT than the start of May !!
  • Thanks everyone for the organising. Thomas really enjoyed it. Full cyclocross mode for Thomas. Only concession being 60psi in his knobbly tyres !!
    He thought that course might be a bit boring just going out and back but actually seeing everyone coming the other way made for a nice change he said.
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    With apologies for the slow reporting on the Handicap scoring from last week, we had a clear winner: young Master Bracewell who - even allowing for a slightly shorter course this year - beat his time set on 26th August 2020 on the Wrestlingworth course by nearly 50 seconds. Way to go Archie! You get a free entry to this coming Wednesday's event.

    So, by my calculations, the Handicap scores after one scoring race are as follows (assuming the requisite number of "helps" are done across the season; and all subs are paid to 1st claim membership :-)
    1. A. Bracewell (J) 21
    2. R. Buky 16
    3. J. Bard 13
    4. M. Young 10
    5. D. Marriage 8
    6. J. Field (F) 6
    7. S. Orriss 5
    8. M. Lawless 4
    9. S. Miles 3
    10. T. Ayers 2
    11. R. Bumstead 1
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