Road Rides Weds/Sat/Sun, Grass Track Mondays, Chaingang Choosdays, Off-Road and TT Wednesdays, Kids' coaching Thursdays ( for details) /// Club AGM, Guilden Morden Village Hall, Weds 30 June 8pm - get involved with the Club! /// CCAshwellFest Club Social, Sunday 11 July @ Ashwell Grass Track from 1pm, bring a picnic, BBQ, ale, gin, Spotify playlist - all welcome.

Lea Valley E2/10

Anyone else signed up for this next Sat? Just had email to confirm acceptance.


  • I'm in!
  • I’m in
  • Two of us!
  • im in
    ( jackie not Stuart)

  • Great CCA representation!
  • Took me I off website missed my chance , Hope you all have a good day rob
  • I am in but weather looking dodgy...hopefully it may improve...vehicle spray is a big concern on the A11 let alone the wind have often been cancelled or postponed so fingers crossed
  • If its on I'm in taking photos :-) probably at the turn so dont forget to smile
  • Will a grimace do?!
  • just recieved message that it is cancelled due to high winds and rain :-(
  • Yep, disappointing but probably right call
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