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Evening 10TT Series Update - Rules Tweak

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Hi All,

As we're now half-way through the originally planned 16 race 10TT series, I thought it would be a good time to update where we're at. I've also noticed an unintended effect of the interplay of certain "rules" that I'd put in place at the top of the season. So, I'm here announcing a change that I think will make things fairer for all.

OK, the logic goes like this. The season is arranged into a 16 race series. To compete for the season-long "fastest" titles, we wanted you to compete in three (3) each of Wrestlingworth; and Footdown courses so that the average for the three Wrestlingworth course races combined with the average for the three Footdown course races would give our winner. Additionally, a contestant would need to put a little back by volunteering to help twice, but for Handicappers, the helper would benefit by being awarded their season average score for each "help". So that meant a commitment to eight races, i.e. half of the races in the season.

However, on top of this, I thought it fair on riders with children and so who would likely be on holiday sometime during the August school Summer holiday to restrict the number of qualifying races to two during August so that those without children wouldn't be at an advantage if they scored heavily in all races throughout August.

But, we lost two races through roadworks early on (28th April = Footdown course; 19th May = Wrestlingworth course), so already there is a total of 14 races maximum. If a rider needs to ride or help in 8 and then during August can only score with their best 2 rides (one on each of the two courses), the unintended consequence of the above "rules" interplay and loss of races is that they would score or help in 8 of effectively only 12 races across the season. Not cool!

OK, so what does this mean? Well I've decided that for the season-long "fastest" comps, qualifying is reduced to four races, i.e. the two fastest rides on each of the Wrestlingworth and Footdown courses, but we'll keep the rule that only one ride on each of the two courses can "score" during August. In this respect, the Handicap comp "rules" are unaffected.

Make sense?

OK, just one other thing and that is that if you need to help to qualify for a competition, please don't leave it until the last few rides of the season. It's not fair that we have 10 volunteers for the last race, so I'll start restricting numbers of volunteers. FYI, I already have one volunteer for the race on 28th July! :-)

To remind you, the remaining races of the series are (W = Wrestlingworth; FD = Footdown):
07Jul21 = FD
14Jul21 = W
21Jul21 = FD
28Jul21 = W
04Aug21 = FD
*11Aug21 = W
*18Aug21 = FD
25Aug21 = W
*@Nunnster is away, so please help Stuart F to organise.


  • A running total for the Handicap comp after six (6) scoring races (top 5 only, number of "helps" in brackets) is:
    1. B. Ronayne 88(2)
    2. M. Scales 71(2)
    3. E. Koppe 64(1)
    4. R. Buky 60(1)
    5. M. Young 53(1)
  • Hi Andy
    please put me down to help on the 4th and the 18th August
  • Thanks Jackie, Will do!
  • Hi Andy
    please put me down to help on the 28 July and 4th and the 11th Augus
  • Hi Andy
    Sorry another change of plan. Am doing a 100 this weekend so probably not up for much racing next week so will help on the 14th July instead of the 4th Aug if ok? Jackie
  • Thanks to both Jackie and Robert. No worries.
  • edited July 2021
    Hi All,

    OK, checking back I can see that only the following have ridden the qualifying 2x rides on each of the two courses this year AND helped twice.

    Fastest Men (Avg times):
    1. M. Scales 25.12
    2. S. Miles 25.31
    3. S. Orriss 27.26
    No qualifying Ladies or Juniors yet.

    I thought I'd help out those who have competed three times or more to track the number of rides they'd made so they can mop up any missing rides on the "right" course/commit to the required number of helps.

    The following have the qualifying rides, but need the required number of "helps" (in brackets);
    J. Field (2)
    R. Bumstead (2)
    The following have three rides, but need one more ride to meet the course ride (2/2) qualification (required course ride = FD or W); and the required number of "helps" (in brackets).
    B. Ronayne: FD(0)
    R. Buky: W(1)
    E. Koppe: W(1)
    M. Young: FD(1)
    C. Potter: FD(0)
    D. Marriage: W(1)
    M. Lawless: W(2)
    A. McLeish: W(1)
    Note to self: make the scoring system less complicated next year!

    I'll catch up later with the Vets off standard...

    Any questions, please shout.
  • Scoring is working perfectly, Andy... No need to change ;o)
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