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Saturday 10th July 9.30am club ride

Looks like North might be better than going south tomorrow, so how about we do the modified version of the round Cambridge route. As I've removed Barrington hill, this makes the elevation for the whole thing a pancake flat 729ft :)

Ashwell-Bassingborn-Shepreth-Fowlmere-Newton-Harston-Hasslingfield-Barton-Cotton-Madingly-Dry Drayton-Toft-Bourn-Croyden Hill (down)-Shingay-Ashwell (52 miles)

If a caffeine fix is required, we can also add a coffee stop at the excellent Stove in Bourn as we will be (almost) passing the door.

Also don't forget that it's the CCA social on Sunday. In case you haven't seen it, here are the details. Should be fun !

See you in the morning.....


A reminder that the Club picnic is this Sunday lunchtime, from 1pm, on our four acre field.

Simply rock up whenever you like. You don't even need to bring food now as the Club has supported local businesses and there'll now be plenty of Day's of Ashwell cakes and Crumps famous sausage rolls and pork pies freely available. Some veggie sausage rolls will be knocking about too, I believe.

Where the heck is the field?
Just off Station Road in Ashwell, down the gravel lane, all the way to the end.

Dry forecast. It's way before the England game. New loos. Will we recognise each other out of lycra?

See you there!


  • I'll be out
  • Hi David, I'm going away for a few days so won't be out tomorrow, looks like a good route! See you next week.
  • Planning to be out, so see you at the Tuns.
  • Looks like I’d better be there
    Might skip the stop
  • Change that, can’t make it.
  • edited July 2021
    Seven of us out yesterday for super flat spin around Cambridge. This route really is about as flat as you can get around here & pretty much the only climb was the M11 flyover just outside Barton!!

    Superb and massive cake in the Stove at Bourn, which posed the question of the day. Were there more calories in the mid ride cake then actually burnt off in the ride ??? Well, as I had the three layer ultimate chocolate cake I recon it’s a close run thing……. only burnt off 1800 calories according to Garmin so probably gained weight during the ride ;)

    Thanks all for an excellent Saturday morning, great fun as always :)
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