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Wednesday 14Jul21 - 10th CCA Club 10TT - Wrestlingworth Course - Sign-on 18:15; First off: 19:01

Hi All,

As is typical, last week's roadworks have been removed from the footdown course...and we're riding the Wrestlingworth one.

With Stuart F. back and Jackie helping, we're looking for one more helper please. Thanks! See you there.


  • Morning, I am new to the club. I would love to ride tomorrow night, but I am free to help as well if needed. Is this the F14/10 course, with the start in Little Green?
  • Hoping to ride. Andy, not sure if I paid last time. will check and pay double if needed.
  • Andy. Please can I marshal (2nd time)? David.
  • Hi Siggi, No problem, glad to have you on board and I see that you’ve signed up for the InterClub 25 this weekend too! 👍🏻

    The course this week is a “there-and-back” from the Wrestlingworth cross roads to the RAB on A1198. If you come to the Guilden Morden Village Hall at about 6.15 we can explain if it’s not clear from the map. I’m not on my desktop to send you the links, but if you look in the time trial links on the left if the Forum and look for the season announcement posts (there are two), that will give you more info. I’ll try to send you the links later.

    See you tomorrow!
  • Thanks David. Yes absolutely; you’re on. See you tomorrow.
  • I think I know where it is, the B1042 part of the F14/25 course from the crossroads with the speed camera to the RAB and back?
    In any event I will see you in Guilden Morden tomorrow night.
  • Siggi... Welcome to the club. Hope you are not going to come along on Wednesday as a national U21 TT champ or something!!!

    Looks like it's the out and back on the B1042 this week, starting on the north/east side of the Wrestlingworth crossroads, opposite side of the road to the speed camera. Out to the Roundabout with the A1198 and back again. Finish is a few hundred metres after a left turn at the same crossroads (as the start) on the return leg.
  • Yes please for tomorrow Andy
  • Yes please for me please Andy.
  • I'm in please & paid on-line. Thanks.
  • I'm in and paid, thanks Andy
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    I'm in for riding tomorrow :)
  • I'm in please
  • Hoping to ride
  • Yes please.
  • Thanks All, Looks like an interesting field assembling. See you all later...
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    I know you will all wish to thank Stuart, Jackie and David M. for helping out tonight...

    Tonight's results (CCA unless indicated):
    1. M. Young 21.36
    2. J. Stuart 21.45
    3. C. Potter 21.56
    4. B. Ronayne 22.12 (PB)
    5. D. Mitchinson 22.52
    6. S. Martinsson 23.19 (PB)
    7. M. Lawless 23.21
    8. A. Swan 23.23
    9. R. Buky 23.44
    10. M. Scales 24.47 (PB)
    11. A. McLeish 25.06
    12. S. Miles 25.07
    13. C. Luggeri 25.32
    14. E. Koppe (F) 26.06
    15. R. Bumstead 26.11
    16. S. Douglas (Meridian Tri) 26.23
    17. T. Lunnon (Meridian Tri) 27.21
    Handicap scores etc. to follow...
  • Thanks Andy and all those that helped.
  • Pictures at the last corner on the club Facebook page when post approved. If any want high res copy just ask.
  • Thanks to all that helped.
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    There were two PBs on the night, Brendan by 14s, but Matt S. takes the honours with a 25s besting of his previous best. So we congratulate Matt on being the night's Handicap winner; you, sir, get a free entry to next week's event.

    The night's full Handicap scores are as follows:
    1. M. Scales 21
    2. B. Ronayne 16
    3. M. Young 13
    4. R. Buky 10
    5. S. Miles 8
    6. C. Luggeri 6
    7. E. Koppe 5
    8. C. Potter 4
    9. R. Bumstead 3
    10. M. Lawless 2
    1 point bar
    This gives a running total after seven (7) scoring races (top 5 only, number of "helps" in brackets) of:
    1. B. Ronayne 104(2)
    2. M. Scales 95(2)
    3. R. Buky 69(1)
    4. E. Koppe 67(1)
    5. M. Young 66(1)
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