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The Wells Ride Lunch Thread!..

The Stag at West Acre have confirmed they are OK to have us for lunch. No rush but a pre-order is required...



  • Cheers Matt. Granary ham and mustard sandwich please. Thanks for organising.
  • BLT on granary please Matt. Thanks for sorting this out.
  • BLT on white please Matt. Thanks for organising.
  • Gammon ham & english mustard on granary please. Thanks for organising Matt.
  • Ploughmans for me please sir.

  • the Ham (2xham+2xeggs+chips) for me, thanks
  • Omelette please Matt.
  • Ham, Eggs and Chips please.
  • Ploughmans please Matt. Thanks. 👍
  • Cheddar and pickle on granary please, thanks Matt.
  • I'll take a cheese & pickle on granary as well please Matt.
  • I can ask them for a jerk chicken special, Dan?
  • another cheese and pickle on granary please.

    Thanks Matt
  • Haha Matt, it's that or the Royston Special
  • Granary BLT thanks Matt
  • Ham, egg and chips please
  • Ham and mustard on white bread and cheesy chips please.
  • Ploughmans please! Thanks
  • Can i have a BLT on granary bread please? Anyone want to split some chips with me?
  • I'm going to save my chip allowance for the seaside.
  • Hi Matt….I’ll have the ploughmans please….thanks for sorting
  • I would like tuna on granary please
  • Thanks all. Reminder I'm submitting Friday
  • Tania Wicklow - Omelette and Chips please.
  • Hi Matt; I would like a ham and mustard sandwich on granary bread please, thanks for organising. Will.
  • Hi Will, no probs. I'll stick your name on other thread too
  • Orders are in... The Stag has had to call in extra hands for 22 lunches which is 1000% up on a normal Friday in West Acre.
  • edited September 5
    Darn. I didn’t put this in the diary or training plan. Can you forward the pub email details and I will add my order of Blt and a side of chips.
    I’m riding in the auto bus and wouldn’t mind a shirt cut after the lunch
  • Vincent!! I have the Facebook messenger proof that I had to submit a late order for you last year as well!!

    I'll get it in for you!
  • @mattss I'm afraid after popping my back I'll not be cycling anywhere for the time being. No heavy lifting and no strenuous exercise. :-(
    Please could you cancel my food order and apologies. Sods law the weather will be great this week and I'll be doing no cycling.

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