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2021 TT Season "August Rule" clarification

Hi All,

To avoid any confusion, I'll clarify how this new rule works.

Riders with children will generally be taking a 1-2 week holiday in the Summer, so they are put at a disadvantage to other riders who don't need to go away during the TT season and can score heavily throughout August in reduced fields. The idea then is to level the playing field a little so that all riders - including those with children who holiday during the school Summer holidays - score with only two races, no matter how many races they ride. No-one will be prevented from riding more than 2 races during August! :-)

To illustrate, here are some examples:
1. A rider aiming at the Handicap comp rides at three races during August and scores 16, 10 and 5 points for competing in them. The "two races in August" rule means that we count only the two best scoring rides, i.e. 16 and 10 and so the 5 point scoring race will be ignored. So in effect they get a "free hit" by riding more than twice during August, which could be an advantage? Discuss.

2. A rider aiming at the "fastest" rider (male or female) category has ridden two races (one on each of our two courses) already in the season but needs two more to reach qualification of 2 rides on each of our two courses. The rider rides 4 races during August. However, it is only their fastest on the Footdown and Wrestlingworth courses during August that score, even if their 2 other rides in August are faster than their two pre-August rides.

3. A rider aiming at the "fastest" rider (male or female) category has ridden only ONE race already in the season (where have you been?!) :-) but needs THREE rides to meet the 2/2 qualification standard. If they ride on 28th July 2021 they enter August needing to ride twice more to meet the qualifying standard. But if they enter August with only one ride, no matter how many times they ride during August, they will "score" with only two rides, i.e. they cannot meet qualification. So ride on 28th July 2021 before the August window closes!
NOTE: Full qualification also requires "helping" by marshalling/timekeeping at races twice.

I hope this makes sense? PM me with any questions/requests for clarifications.
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