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Zwift Inter-Club Winter Competition

Just a heads-up for the Zwift Inter-club competition I will be running again this year – starting on Thursday 4th November.

We will use the British Cycling 10TT again & the races are at 12.20pm or 6.30pm on Thursdays with either result counting towards the competition. Last year we had a very competitive competition with our neighbouring clubs with Beds Road taking the honours and Meridian Tri Club getting stronger by the week.

I know CCA are favouring the WTRL Zwift Racing League on Tuesdays & doing very well – but this is an opportunity to participate in a much shorter local event. The 10TT typically only last 22-28minutes of ‘fun’!


  • Are there any later events that count towards the competition. 6.30pm is a little early for me.
  • Thanks John - looking forward to this again this year :-)
  • Hi BrendanR unfortunately not - for simplicity we just use the British Cycling 10TTs on Thursday at 12.20 or 6.30pm.
  • Reminder that Zwift inter-club TT series starts this Thursday...
  • Get your race face on!

    Build my self back into the Interclub TT's then do some WTRL.

  • Winter is now officially here and the Inter-club starts this Thursday 4th November.

    I anticipated the British Cycling 10TT times as being 12.30 & 6.30pm - but with the changes from Summer time there are coming up as 11.30 & 5.30pm on the listings. On checking my Strava for this time last year they were certainly at 12.30 & 6.30pm - so the listing may be updated.

    BRCC, on their FB, are already promoting the event so it would be good to have a strong CCA representation. They ran away with it last year, closely followed by Meridian Tri Club so a closer competition would be good.

    Hopefully we’ll have a good turn-out this Thursday in the virtual world. London Classique - 2 laps 17km.
  • I'm in - and thank you John for organising - bravo.

  • Entered at 17:30 but not sure I can actually make it. We'll see...
  • Provisional results for tonights race:
  • It’s nearly Thursday 11th & time for race 2 of the Zwift Inter-club Series. London Classique again at 11.20 or 5.30pm.

    I’ve contacted British Cycling to query the times of the races as they are listed on their website as 12.20 & 6.30pm – which is what time they were on last Winter & more convenient for most.
  • Thanks John - it was really tight last week getting on the bike. I think my warm-up consisted of 1m 12s or something very short like that!

    ...bit of a push getting to the 17:30 slot. :-)

  • Unfortunately off the bike with a heavy cold (fortunately not COVID). So no TT tonight :-(

  • Thursday’s Zwift Inter-club TT results are on the CCA Facebook page. Apologies for not posting them up here but it’s a bit of a process having to first post them to a third party image hosting site & linking that to here. Posting on FB is far easier. 2 CCA racers on Thursday and another in the race but not on ZP yet but is & has now applied to join the CCA Team.
  • Unfortunately another week recovering from a cold so not on the bike tonight. :-(
    2 weeks feels a life time!

    Good news is though feeling better and should be back next week.

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    Hello. Is this on tonight? I was hoping to do it if at 6.30 but I can't see it at all. I'm a Zwift noob so might not be searching properly. Cheers

    Ah, okay, it's there but still at 17.30
  • Hi M-Young et al - yes the Inter-club is on every Thursday but British Cycling have been extremely poor at getting the times updated. On their website they are listed as 12.20 & 6.30pm but since the clocks changed Zwift has ran them at 11.20 & 5.30pm - which is pretty inconvenient for most. I have emailed BC & left phone messaged but due to Covid they are not in the office - and it would seem anywhere! If you do race join (which is a separate app to Zwift) and apply to join the CCA race team for your results to be easily seen. If you do race & are not in the CCA race team post a message on FB and I will look for your result. I am putting the results on FB now as it’s quite a process getting them on here.
  • Thanks John. Hopefully the time gets updated, 5.30's no good but I'd be keen to do some of these. I'm on Zwift Power, have requested to join the Ashwell group and that's been pending for a few weeks now. I've done a few of the Tuesday night races. Cheers
  • James Nightingale’s request to join has also been pending for some time too. I have prompted Matt Scales who is the team manager so if anyone sees him please remind him peeps are awaiting approval.
  • Breaking News!!

    The times of British Cycling Thursday's 10TT races have at last been corrected in their scheduling to 12.20 & 6.30pm as listed on their Website and ran for the last few Winters. Hopefully a few more people can now participate.
  • Great news.
    I'll be there this week.

  • I’ve got an FTP test to do this Thu/Fri, I might use the lunchtime event for it. Do I need to do anything other than have CCA as my primary Zwift Power team?
  • Hi Luke - no. I can see in ZP you are already in the CCA Race team so I should pick you up. Looking at your past races 339w is your best 20mins power so far so to would be impressive if you can improve upon this.
  • Great. I certainly won’t improve on that just yet, maybe in a month or 2 I’ll be back around there. Around 320ish is the marker I’m aiming for.
  • I should make this tonight.
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    Zwift Inter-club results for today - 02-12-2012 are posted on CCA FB (when approved). 3 CCAs racing today & Meridian Tri Club (some of whom are CCA too) performed particularly well.

    NB - Logan Ayers (10) was on the start list & I think I saw his name in the race but he doesn't have a result so I assume he didn't enter, or if he did, didn't finish.
  • Logan started and was going well.

    Tech issues !!

    All sorted for next time

    He was really keen so I quickly found a race for him to get in to.
    See you next week.
  • Thursday 9th December's Zwift Inter-club's results are on CCA FB. Only 2 CCA's this week: Erin & James. Next Thursdays race is the last of this 7 race series. Series 2 will start after Christmas.
  • Zwift BC Inter-Club Thursday 17th @ 12.20 & 6.30pm.

    The last race of the year & Season 1.

    Season 2 will start on 6th January for 6 Thursdays;
    season 3 will start on 18th Feb and last for 7 Thursdays and finish on 31st March – in time for outdoor events in the real world!
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