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Help! Bottom bracket removal tool

Yesterday, I managed to break my carbon seat post.
When removing the broken bit, it jammed. I pulled and it came out fast!
Now my Di2 rear derailleur doesn't work.
I think I have pulled the cable and disconnected the frame junction box
Need to remove bottom bracket for access.

Has anyone got the remover and reinstaller I could borrow?

Thanks Stephen


  • Should have said... It's a PF30 bottom bracket.
  • Hi Steve, I have one. I removed a PF30 from my old cannondale and it’s a horrible one to remove, I’d recommend a bike shop for removing that type of bearing as it’s the whole cup that comes out and you will need a replacement bearing after.
  • Cheers Graham.

    I bought the Parktool remover from Amazon.
    I made a press to reinstall out of some threaded bar and washers I had.

    Bearing cups out of the frame, cable connected, bearing cups back in... Took less than 20 minutes.

    No need to touch the bearings, as they remain in the cups.
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