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CCA Christmas Social, Friday 17 December 2021

Friday, 17th December 2021... Celebrate the almost beginning of the days getting longer at the CCA Xmas Social. Join in for some or all of the day...

8.30am Three Tuns, Ashwell
If the weather is good enough, let's ride to the London Velodrome. 42 miles. Club run easy pace. Ride all the way, or tag along for a few winter miles. If riding all the way to London, pack a t-shirt, shorts n' flip-flops and a bike lock if going on to any of the social stuff later.

12.30pm approx
See you inside the warm velodrome for coffee and muffin. We will then tootle along the Regents canal towpath to the centre of London, and stash our bikes.

3pm approx
See you at the Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street. We'll be somewhere in one of the cellars - so likely no phone signal (Whatsapp?). Seek us out. Or grab a good table if you're early.

The Garden City Brewery in Letchworth. Maybe you can't take the day off? Then get over to the GCB after work. Anyone riding to London won't be there til 7.45pm as you can't put a bike on a train til after 7pm.

The Shapla is around the corner from the GCB, if anyone fancies.


  • Good man... I'll check the diary out ;-)
  • Amazing... My favourite ride... Can't wait.
  • Bringing this back to the top, as things start going in the Xmas diaries around now...
  • Just a few weeks away now. Bringing to the top.

    I'm in for the full day and have always enjoyed the mellow winter ride bit, cosy Dickensian London pub and then Letchworth catch-up. See you at some point along the way if not for all of it. Spread the word on your various WhatsApp groups... Ho ho ho.

  • 2 weeks to go to THE destination ride of the year (2 years)
  • I’ll definitely be coming to the evening. Trying to clear out the day too. Will let you know ;-)
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