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Trying Cyclocross for the first time

Hi, I've never tried Cyclocross before and am very keen to give it a go. Is there a suitable club session I could attend to get an introduction? Many thanks. Paul


  • Hi Paul - there is a session on Wednesday nights @ Knights templar school in Baldock is my understanding. A few years back I went for a season and it was great training.

    There is also a training session 1 Sunday in the month off-road. (which was last week). This is the group of guys we saw outside of the pub Sunday morning.

    I'll ask Daniel Doncaster later today on what's app if someone this year from the Cyclocross team can comment / assist in this request. :-)

  • Many thanks, MC!
  • Hi Paul,
    There are many cyclocross racers in CC Ashwell, so you are asking the right people for advice!

    Cylocross racing is a friendly sport with a wide range of abilities, so you can start as a novice without fear of standing out. We all primarily race in the local Eastern League but do occasional races in other leagues and also National events. The races are organised into age categories and last between 40 and 60 minutes depending on the age category you are racing in.

    The next race is on Sunday October 24 at Stanborough Park in Welwyn. Why not come along and see what happens? (Details in the link to the Eastern League above). If you are feeling very brave there would be nothing stopping you from entering on the day! Cyclocross bikes are the best but mountain bikes are suitable too and permitted.

    So if you come along to Stanborough Park on Sunday make sure you introduce yourself to one of us; you can’t miss the blue jerseys!
  • Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for this!

    I can't make the race tomorrow (as have planned to do the club run) but will certainly come along to one of the next races and introduce myself. I'll bring my mountain bike along, in case a surge of enthusiasm conquers fear on the day! Very much looking forward to it.
  • A few of the cx races aren't accepting entry on the day and depending on your age cat they may sell out so pre entry will be needed. The Wednesday night sessions at Baldock would be a great place to start. I'll send you the coaches contact details.
  • Thank you, Dan.
  • @P_Moore , i have a cross bike for sale if you need an entry level steed? Its Trek Ion, 54cm, hardly used.... :)
  • Thanks, @skelders. I'll try with my gravel bike initially and see how it goes. Planning to attend the club training session next Weds. I'm a 56 with Trek bikes. What are the advantages of a special cross bike versus a gravel bike? Paul
  • Further to the above, my gravel bike has these tyres. Will the grip be sufficient in the field used on Wednesdays? Thanks.

  • Thanks, @Dan Hall. I'll see what I can get hold of before next Wednesday.
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