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Turbo Trainer

Hi all,

Any advice for lower budget turbos? Can't afford to shell out the big bucks right this any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




  • @HJB What's your budget Harry? ;-)

  • I have a spare turbo going for free. Just a basic dumb turbo, but might be enough to get you started and give you some time to work out what you need. I've used this for a few winter's turbo training using the power meter on my bike linked to TrainerRoad on my phone. You're very welcome to have it, collection Dane End near Ware.

  • I have a smart turbo (wheel on) I will soon be selling once I’ve got my Wahoo Kickr. Will only want £175 for it and I’ll include spare wheel and turbo tire. It’s a Cylcle Ops Magnus.
  • I also have one you can have if still looking?
  • Sorry - I hadn’t seen the responses ! Cheers very much.

    @grahamaskew - what’s the maximum slope it can handle?
  • @HJB ill send you a direct message with details.
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